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College of Arts and Sciences

Scientists who majored in science or math as undergraduates at BC


Matthew Evans 15 wins Goldwater Scholarship


American Sociological Association honors Juliet Schor

Class finds lost Chinese relics

A successful academic quest by BC undergraduates, who used research and detective skills to track down more than 80 carved Chinese pagodas that had been lost for nearly a century, has resulted in an exhibit of several of the rare items, now on view in O'Neill Library. The class project, led by History Assistant Professor Jeremy Clarke, S.J., is featured by the Boston Globe.

Public Understanding Award

Sociology Professor Juliet Schor has won the 2014 Public Understanding of Sociology Award, given annually by the American Sociological Association for exemplary contributions to the understanding of sociology, sociological research, and scholarship among the general public.

BC Bookmarks

In his new book Rekindling the Christic Imagination: Theological Meditations for the New Evangelization, Theology Associate Professor Emeritus Robert Imbelli uses artistic, literary, spiritual and theological sources to place Christ at the center of Catholic faith.

Republic of Letters

Recent books by Arts & Sciences faculty members

More Features

Parenting vs. overprotecting

Has preoccupation with safety taken away from childhood independence? Psychology Research Professor Peter Gray, author of Free to Learn, is among guests discussing the difference between keeping kids safe and over-sheltering them.

Reading the Russians

What can we learn about Russian character and temperament from their literary giants—Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekov, Nabokov? Professor of Russian and English Maxim D. Shrayer was among experts providing insights on WBUR’s Radio Open Source | His latest book, Leaving Russia, is featured by Jewish Voice and New Jersey Jewish News; he reflects on his last Soviet summer in a piece for Moment magazine.

Research Highlight

Mapping a Mott insulator

A team of BC physicists has mapped the inner atomic workings of a compound within the mysterious class of materials known as spin-orbit Mott insulators, an advance that could lead to discoveries in superconductivity, the topological phases of matter and new forms of magnetism. BC News Release | PhysOrg | Science Daily | Science Codex |