Structured Exploration

The Minor in Faith, Peace and Justice Studies offers a structure for an interdisciplinary program of study around issues of urgent concern for justice and peace.

The general form for the FPJ minor program is six courses: two required courses and four electives.

I. General Introduction - THEO/PHIL 2160/1160 Challenge of Justice

(required 3 credits)

This course presents the alternative understandings of justice and peace that have developed in the philosophical and theological traditions. The course serves as an introduction to a broad range of justice and peace issues and is the common course for all FPJ program participants.

II. Structured Exploration of Student’s Interest or Concern

(4 electives for a minimum of 12 credits)

An important feature of the FPJ minor is its flexibility in meeting the interest of the student by creating a “cluster” of elective courses reflecting the student’s particular peace/justice concern. Here are some examples of clustering electives around a common theme for justice, peace, or professional ethical issues. The "clusters" of electives cited below are offered as illustrations of the many possible elective clusters open to students within the FPJ minor. When there are more than four courses under a specific cluster topic the student should select four courses of their choosing. Students are encouraged to design their own elective cluster around topics of urgency and interest. Other themes and other relevant clusters are possible and encouraged with the advice of the program director.

Spirituality, Service and Social Justice

  • THEO3527 Meditation, Action, Interfaith Learn.
  • PHIL1088 Person and Social Responsibility
  • THEO4433 Theology, Service and Solidarity
  • PHIL2261 Telling Truths: Writing /Service

Peace Issues

  • THEO1342 Peaceful Ethics: Social Action Leadership
  • HIST4551 U.S. Foreign Policy
  • PHIL5423 The Ethics of Peace or War
  • THEO1342 Peaceful Leadership Methods
  • SOCY3391 Social Movements
  • SOCY3367 Justice: Israel/Palestine

Medical Justice

  • PHIL4320 Philosophy of Mental Illness
  • PSYC4433 Addiction, Choice, and Motivation
  • SOCY3652 Trauma, Culture & Coping
  • SOCY3322 Consumption, Health, & the Environment

LGBTQ+ Justice

  • ADSO3503 Race, Gender, & Violence
  • APSY2243 Social Oppression & Transformation
  • ADPL1483 Philosophy of Human Sexuality
  • THEO326101 Spirituality and Sexuality
  • THEO500601 Sexualities and Spiritualities

Religion and Politics

  • THEO5563 Ethics, Religion & Int’l Politics
  • POLI2615 Islam and Liberalism
  • POLI361 Religion and Politics
  • THEO2309 Liberation Theology
  • ECON2205 Cat. Soc. Teaching/Eco. Analysis

Development in the Global South

  • ECON2273 Development Economics
  • POLI2441 Comparative Politics/ Dev
  • POLI3510 Globalization
  • PHIL6611 Global Justice and Human Rights
  • HIST2303 Latin America Before Latin America

Crime and Justice

  • SOCY3307 Race in Criminal Justice
  • PHIL2261 Telling Truths/Justice
  • HIST4552 Race, Rights and the Law
  • SOCY3310 Studies: Crime/S. Justice
  • THEO2230 Mass Incarceration

Boston/Urban Focus

  • HIST2830 Boston Neighborhoods
  • HIST2658 Boston: Hist, Lit., Culture
  • PHIL2261 Boston Urban Analysis
  • ECON2206 Real Estate and Urban Action
  • HIST4440 Housing America

Racial Justice

  • AADS3319 Politics of Race
  • HIST4552 Race, Rights and the Law
  • SOCY5597 Contemp. Race Theory
  • THEO2800 Race, Freedom and Bible
  • HIST3489 Study & Writing of History: US Radicalism Social Justice and the Third World Left

Racial Justice

  • PHIL4040 Phil. Hermeneutics on Race & Justice
  • AADS2204 Music and Social Justice
  • AADS3310 Studies of Race, Law and Resistance
  • AADS1127 Managing Diversity
  • ENGL4538 Visual Culture in Black America: The Art and Politics of Seeing and Being Seen
  • POLI2307 Racial and Ethnic Politics

Environmental Justice

  • INTL2535 Environmental Disaster, Coop., Conflict
  • ENVS2256 Environmental Law and Policy
  • INTL2533 Global Climate Politics
  • PHIL2523 Environmental Ethics
  • THEO 2231 The Bible and Ecology

Human Rights

  • POLI2438 Comp. Politics: Human Rights
  • INTL 4022 Human Rights & Demographic Transitions in Korea
  • THEO5563 Ethics, Religion and Int. Politics
  • POLI 3409 Human Rights & Film in Latin Amer.

Conflict Resolution

  • THEO2327 Perspectives: War/Aggression
  • PSYC3334 Interpersonal Violence
  • SOCY1030 Deviance and Social Control
  • SOCY3309 Restoration & Resistance: International

Peace Issues

  • SOCY1092 Peace or War
  • POLI2402 Comparative Revolutions
  • THEO2164 Challenge of Peace
  • POLI2518 Ideas, Policy, Values: American Foreign Pol.
  • INTL2546 World Politics: Conflict & Cooperation

Medical Ethics

  • SOCY1078 Soc. Of Health /Illness
  • THEO 3223 The Ethics of Global Public Health
  • THEO5498 HIV/AIDS and Ethics
  • PHIL2233 Values in Social Service and Health
  • ENVS3345 Environment and Public Health

Gender Justice

  • PHIL4001 Feminisms & Philosophies of Difference
  • AADS2241 Black Feminisms 101
  • HIST4458 Gender & Migration in U.S. History
  • SOCY2225 Intro to Feminisms
  • HIST4458 Nannies, Maid, and Mail Order Brides: Gender and Migration in U.S History

Politics and Justice

  • INTL2536 Contested Borders between Security & Migr.
  • PSYC4434 Psychology of Immigration Exper.
  • ECON2242 Public Policy in an Aging Society
  • PHIL2291 Philosophy & Theology of Community
  • AADS2442 African Politics

Economic Justice

  • SOCY1072 Inequality in America
  • SOCY3375 Amer. Eco. Crisis /Soc. Change
  • ECON3317 Economics of Inequality
  • POLI2431 Radical Political Economy

Technology & Justice

  • AADS2200 The Underground Press
  • ADCY6900 Ethical Issues in Cybersecurity
  • AADS4466 Surveillance, Media, Contemporary Society
  • ADCO3003 The Society of the Selfie

Immigration Ethics

  • ENVS1515 The Just City: Nature, Env., & Infrastr.
  • POLI4390 Immigration: Processes, Politics, and Policies
  • INTL3510 Globalization
  • POLI2440 A Continent on the Move
  • THEO700501 Christian Ethics and Migration

Racial Justice

  • PHIL2199 Racial Injustices & Racial Remedies
  • POLI2307 Racial and Ethnic Politics
  • SOCY3303 Social Construction of Whiteness
  • THEO3510 Black Theology
  • HIST1515 The Just City: Race, Class, Comm.

Ethics and Social Theory

  • PHIL4477 Ethical Principals in Comp. Politics
  • SOCY2215 Social Theory
  • THEO5354 Cath. Social Teaching
  • PHIL6649 Social Construction
  • PSYC5543 Current Topics in Moral Psychology

Environmental Justice

  • ENVS3365 Human-Wildlife Conflicts & Co-Ex.
  • SOCY3346 Environmental Justice
  • POLI2338 Environmental Politics and Policy
  • PHIL3690 Energy Justice: Ethics, Economics & Envir.

History and Justice

  • THEO5355 Coming to Terms w/ Guilt: Jewish-C.
  • PHIL3140 The Idea of America
  • THEO4456 The Holocaust: A Moral History
  • HIST4123 Gender, Sex, & Power in Ottoman
  • HIST2601 Food, Power, and Politics

III. UNAS4942 - FPJ Senior Seminar

(required 3 credits)

This course, taken in spring of the senior year, offersthe students the opportunity to draw together into a formal Faith, Peace and Justice final writing project or piece of signature work the results of the exploration in the four elective courses. The Seminar is designed to help students develop the skills needed to present their ideas and concerns in public discussion and debate.

For more information about the FPJ program, contact:

Prof. Joshua R. Snyder, Ph.D.

Prof. Joshua R. Snyder, Ph.D.

Program Director

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Prof. Joshua R. Snyder, Ph.D.

Prof. Joshua R. Snyder, Ph.D.

Program Director

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