Faith, Peace, and Justice Senior Seminar


The Faith, Peace, and Justice Senior Seminar is the culminating course of the Faith, Peace, and Justice minor. It allows students to develop their signature work in the minor in the form of a final project or seminar research paper. The goal of the final project is to integrate the learning that has occurred in the various courses taken in the minor and develop a piece of signature work that demonstrates their commitment to social engagement and to promote the common good.

Past Senior Projects

Faith, Peace, and Justice Senior Projects

Faculty Mentor

In addition to the Faith, Peace, and Justice Senior Seminar professor, each student will select a faculty mentor who will serve as a content expert for the student’s signature work. The mentor/advisor should be selected on the basis of their knowledge and expertise in the student’s proposed area of analysis. The mentor/advisor should be consulted as the student prepares their initial proposal so that the faculty member is clear in understanding the scope of the project. The student agrees to work with their mentor and is accountable for maintaining reasonable interaction with their mentor.

Recent Faculty Mentors

Marissa Papula

Neil McCullagh- No faculty profile


Rachel Spector - No AEM path in faculty folder


Jennifer Burns- No path in AEM to access faculty profile

Jennie Purnell- No faculty profile