Conference Reimbursement

Conference Funding

In addition to adherence to the Boston College travel policy, please follow these guidelines very carefully to receive reimbursement for pre-approved conference-related expenses. Incomplete files or files not in compliance with these guidelines will be rejected. Reimbursement requests must be received during the same fiscal/academic year in which the conference took place and must be submitted no later than 30 days after the completion of travel.

Students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences may receive funding for one conference per academic year (June 1–May 31). Students must complete and submit the Conference Participants Form to Associate Dean, Candace Hetzner for reimbursement. (Firefox is the recommended browser for submitting this form. BC Credentials required.)


Students presenting at a conference may request reimbursement for expenses related to said conference by completing the steps below. The maximum reimbursement is $350 for presenting GSAS students.

Students attending a conference but not presenting may request reimbursement for conference-related expenses by completing the steps below. The maximum reimbursement is $150 for attending GSAS students.

For all reimbursable expenses, we strongly advise against one student's purchasing or paying for other students; doing so makes the reimbursement process even more cumbersome.

For other dean-approved funding, students may request reimbursement by completing the following steps:

  • Complete and sign the BC Grad Student Expense Report. Be sure to include your Eagle ID# (first eight digits on your Eagle One Card).
  • Submit to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Gasson 108, the completed form, original receipts, and any other supporting documents. 
  • Tape all original receipts to a standard sheet of (8.5" x 11") paper, with your Eagle ID# written on each sheet. DO NOT staple anything, only single sided receipts are acceptable.
  • For travel-related expenses, please follow the guidelines outlined in the section above.
  • You must also attach written approval of your special funding request from your department and/or the dean.


Why does Accounts Payable need this paperwork?

Boston College follows the IRS Accountable Plan, which requires a business purpose and full documentation for all reimbursed expenses to our employees and students. Under this plan, non-documented expenses become taxable income.

How will I receive my reimbursement for conferences or other funding?

Students are requested to setup direct deposit for expenses. This is a separate authorization from that done with Human Resources. Please complete the student direct deposit form. If you do not setup direct deposit, reimbursement checks are usually sent via US Postal Service to your Agora address; otherwise, you will be contacted to pick up your check at Accounts Payable in 129 Lake Street on Brighton Campus.