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<p>Our first meeting is the third week of the Fall Semester. Sign up on our interest form!</p>
<p>ASiAM is an arts and literary magazine that works to highlight Asian and Asian American artists. We want to create a space that highlights all different forms of art with openness to essays, photography, literary pieces (fiction or poetry), opinion pieces (on anything from food, to representation in media, to music), and any other multimedia art.<br /> </p>
<p>Since the group's inception in 1993, the Boston College Acoustics have performed their way into the hearts of listeners with their fun, quirky and theatrical brand of a cappella. ​A group rich in traditions and family values, the Acoustics are extremely passionate about the music they perform together. They have been blessed by the contributions of over 150 members, a number of which continues to grow each semester. The &quot;Stix&quot; pride themselves on the diversity of their repertoire, wailing away on 70s rock, 80s pop, 90s jams, and millennial miscellany.<br /> </p>
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<p>We tell the stories of underrepresented communities through hip hop/urban dance<br /> </p>
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Against the Current
<p>Auditions: Weekend after the Fall Student Involvement Fair<br /> Tentative Dates 22-23 dates: Sun Sept 4 and Mon Sept 5</p>
<p>Against the Current is a non-denominational Christian a cappella group that ministers to the campus community and the Greater Boston area through song and testimonies. The group started in the spring of 1998 with the intention of starting a group that would worship God through a cappella music. Since then, ATC has grown to be a music ministry and community of Boston College students coming from all classes, races, and denominations.<br /> </p>
Arab Student Association
<p>Join us anytime!</p>
<p>Club for any student to join! Learn about arab culture, meet different people, and eat great food.</p>
middle east lebanon syria palestine gulf jordan saudi oman qatar kuwait bahrain iraq
Art Club
<p>The Art Club of Boston College strives to contribute to the greater Boston College community by promoting an appreciation of various forms of art, diversifying student activities on campus, and enriching the intellectual and cultural experience of students.  We hope to give students an open space to have a creative outlet in which they can foster their passion for the arts, no experience necessary. We encourage our members to try out new forms of art or hone in on their interests. We do not discriminate in any way and encourage anyone who is passionate, dedicated, and accountable to apply. All active members are eligible to apply for an officer position.<br /> </p>
Art, Art History, and Film Department
<p>Art, Art History, and Film is an interdisciplinary department offering major and minor degrees in Art History, Film Studies, and Studio Art, as well as concentrations in Architectural Studies and Museum Studies. Focusing on undergraduate learning, our dedicated and passionate faculty offer students an individualized education to guide them in their respective areas of inquiry. We are committed to helping students acquire the visual literacy skills necessary to understand the production of art in the past and to respond more critically to our media-saturated present. Our students’ education extends beyond the classroom to take advantage of the rich offerings at the McMullen Museum of Art and numerous cultural institutions within the Boston area. Alumni are well positioned for any career in which strong analytical skills, creative thinking, and written and oral communication are necessary.<br> </p>
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Asinine Sketch & Improv Comedy
<p>Auditions take place during the first week of the fall semester. <br /> </p>
<p>Love to act, write, laugh, edit or perform? Come audition for Asinine Sketch &amp; Improv Comedy- BC’s only sketch AND improv comedy group! Each semester we have 2-3 performances on and off campus as well as create digital content and sketches. No experience necessary to audition, just a want to be a part of the very cool BC tradition of being the funniest person in the room.<br /> </p>
BC bOp! Instrumental & Vocal Jazz Ensemble
<p>BC bOp! is the premiere instrumental and vocal jazz ensemble on campus. We perform big band standards, contemporary jazz, Latin charts, funk tunes, and pop hits up to 10 times each year and never on the same stage! Special events include an annual (sold-out) showcase, area jazz nights, a Christmas Concert, the Arts Festival, and a jazz immersion trip.<br /> </p>
Black Experience in America Through Song (BEATS)
<p>B.E.A.T.S. (Black Experience in America Through Song) is Boston College's only a cappella group that focuses on music that has shaped the black community in the United States. Since its recent 2009 formation, B.E.A.T.S. has quickly become an unmistakable force at Boston College, drawing from the huge library of black music, from Motown and Soul to Hip Hop and R&amp;B. They hope to have an impact on the Boston College student body while at the same time performing people's favorite classics and modern-day hits. A group of eclectic individuals with a passion for the music, B.E.A.T.S. is devoted to both the performance of a rich sound, as well as to bridging musical, generational, and most importantly, racial divides that impair Boston College's campus and beyond.<br /> </p>
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Boston College "Screaming Eagles" Marching Band
<p>Registration for field spots ends in July. Audition videos are required for all percussion and dance candidates.<br /> </p>
<p>The “Screaming Eagles” have traveled the globe to represent BC at football games, parades, and international celebrations. Membership is open to all students of Boston Area schools.<br /> </p>
Boston College Dramatics Society
<p>Auditions for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee will take place the first weekend of the fall semester. Check out our Instagram for more information!<br /> </p>
<p>The Boston College Dramatics Society (fondly referred to as the DS) is committed to developing talent and giving opportunities for theatrical expression in the Boston College community by awakening and nurturing an appreciation for theatre and presenting plays of artistic merit. We generally produce two productions a year- one in the Fall Semester and one in the Spring Semester- which anyone and everyone is encouraged to get involved in (Whether you're a major, minor, or a theatre enthusiast)! This year, we will be producing The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and Little Shop of Horrors.<br /> </p>
Boston College Irish Dance
<p>Auditions take place over Labor Day weekend.<br /> </p>
<p>Founded in 2007, BC Irish Dance is an organization that showcases the talents of BC students who have Irish Dancing experience. Members come from a wide range of backgrounds, and include those who have previously retired from dance as well as those who are still actively competing at the Regional, National, and World Championship level. The club showcases their talents each spring at their own show in Robsham Theatre and has been invited to perform at a variety of shows both on and off campus, including ALC Showdown, the Men's basketball Halftime shows, the BC Football Halftime Shows, Relay for Life, Week of Dance, Arts Festival, The Celtics, and The Boston Red Sox.<br /> </p>
Boston College On Tap
<p>Info session and open call will take place the week after Labor Day. Check our Instagram for updates!<br> </p>
<p>On Tap is a student-run performing arts group at Boston College whose mission is to teach and showcase the art of both traditional and modern tap dancing. We practice our motto, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Tappiness!” through the inclusion of all dancers no matter their experience level as we are a no-cut group.<br /> </p>
beginners competition
Canvases of Care
<p>Canvases of Care creates artwork for the elderly through a team of student artists working in partnership with retirement centers. Our goal is to provide hand-crafted artwork of scenes that bring memories, comfort and hope to residents. Our organization is founded on the belief that art has the potential to heal the spirit and spread joy. Additionally, Canvases of Care intends to create an environment where students, who share a passion for art and service, may combine both their interests to benefit the greater Boston community.<br /> </p>
Capital Dance Ministry
<p>“C”apital Dance Ministry is the first Christian dance team at Boston College that seeks to share the Gospel and the love of Christ through dance performances including genres of hip-hop, contemporary, freestyle dances and more. “C”apital was established by an inspiring group of undergraduate students who envisioned to combine an essence of dance worship with ministry in Boston. <br /> </p>
tradition dance culture faith
Cello Ensemble
<p>Auditions will be scheduled during the first week of each semester. Contact director Leo Eguchi at eguchil&#64; for more information.<br /> </p>
<p>Cellists meet to play together as a group; repertoire ranges from original works for multiple cellos to arrangements of classical and contemporary popular music. Students may also work with Director Leo Eguchi to make their own arrangements for the Ensemble. Performances take place at the end of each semester.<br /> </p>
Contemporary Theatre
<p>Our fall auditions for &quot;Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play&quot; by Anne Washburn and directed by Molly Caballero '24 will take place the first weekend of September!<br /> </p>
<p>Contemporary Theatre was established in 1985 with the mission of bringing new works to campus! CT only produces plays that were written after the year 2000, and tries to incorporate student written work as frequently as possibly. We aim to make theatre more accessible and approachable for all students on campus.<br /> </p>
Writer Acting
Dance Ensemble
<p>Auditions will be at the beginning of September<br /> </p>
<p>Dance Ensemble is Boston College's oldest student-run dance group and is made up of about 30 dancers. We get the opportunity to dance and choreograph as well as put on several performances throughout the year.<br /> </p>
Dance Organization
<p>The objective of DOBC shall be to provide an open environment by which to promote the art of dance amongst the Boston College community. The club offers a variety of studio classes in diverse styles and all levels. More advanced students can expand their talents through choreographing, auditioning and performing in an annual show, while beginners are provided with the opportunity to learn and gain experience through weekly classes.<br /> </p>
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<p>We are the Boston College Dynamics! Founded in 1998, the group has matured and developed into the premier performing group on campus. We are currently producing our third part of our EP &quot;No Lows&quot;, adding to our existing discography of 4 existing albums. Our repertoire includes Top 40, R&amp;B, and other types of popular music. <br /> </p>
a cappella live voice music tradition
Electronic State of Mind
<p>ESM serves as a vessel through which students can pierce the ethnic and cultural barriers and form a tight-knit community based solely on their mutual interest for electronic music. ESM will strive to instruct BC students in the art of DJing and music production. Along with general meetings and workshops, ESM will also hold concerts and DJ showcases.<br /> </p>
creative music
<p>Elements reviews submissions twice a year, during the fall and spring semesters. Articles are evaluated in a blind editorial review process by our board and staff on the quality of their scholarship, originality, and readability.<br /> </p>
<p>Elements accepts original research completed by Boston College undergraduates in the Humanities, Natural Sciences, or Social Studies.<br /> </p>
English Department
<p>The English major at Boston College offers a wide range of courses while introducing fundamental skills in close reading, literary analysis, and critical thinking. As an English major you’ll become deeply familiar with major developments in British, American, Anglophone, and Multicultural Literatures, choosing courses that explore issues fundamental to the human condition through multiple periods, cultures, and approaches. You’ll have the freedom to shape a program suited to your intellectual and creative interests while sharpening skills in critical thinking, analysis, argumentation, and articulation.<br /> </p>
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Fashion Club
<p>BCFC focuses on the fashion industry as a mode of expression. Whether that be through personal style, design, writing, photography, and/or modeling, BCFC provides a creative outlet for all students through our events, meetings, and digital magazine BOS ( Email for more info.<br> </p>
creative design creative
Females Incorporating Sisterhood Through Step (FISTS)
<p>Females Incorporating Sisterhood Through Step (F.I.S.T.S.) is the only women step team at Boston College. Since 1999, the ladies of F.I.S.T.S. have captivated audiences and challenged their imaginations with energy, creative themes, precision, and, of course, their trademark wigs. F.I.S.T.S. is not just a step team. The members are committed to community service and to building a community of mutual respect and sisterhood among their members. They have participated and placed in many competitions this year and have earned the respect of fellow step squads while also working hard to uplift the community. Stepping is their passion, performing is their gift, and they put their hearts into every show for your enjoyment and theirs.<br /> </p>
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Film Society
<p>The Boston College Film Society is founded upon the consumption and discussion of culturally significant and/or student-produced films.<br /> </p>
Flute Ensemble
<p>All flutists are invited to an open rehearsal at the beginning of the semester, then may schedule an audition with director Judy Grant. Contact director Ms. Grant at jeg1245&#64;<br /> </p>
<p>Flute Ensemble meets on Sunday evenings with Director Judy Grant. The ensemble performs at the end of each semester, presenting a program of diverse works. Advanced students may audition to participate in the Honors Flute Quartet.<br /> </p>
Fuego Del Corazón
<p>Auditions: September 10, 2pm-6pm in the Brighton Dance Studio<br /> </p>
<p>Fuego del Corazón is a Latin Dance Team founded in 2003 that strives to celebrate all aspects of the Latin culture through music and dance, specializing in merengue, salsa, and bachata. Fuego regularly performs at different cultural and artistic events on and off-campus. Most notably, Fuego has participated in the ALC Showdown annually, winning a total of 5 times.<br /> </p>
Full Swing
<p>BC Full Swing is a group of undergraduate students here at Boston College who provide free swing lessons to the BC community, host multiple dances throughout the year, and perform at BC's ArtsFest, Showdown, and other performances in the spring.<br /> </p>
tradition dance live
Golden Eagles Dance Team
<p>The Golden Eagles Dance Team is the official Dance Team of the Boston College “Screaming Eagles” Marching Band. During the fall season, the Golden Eagles perform at home football games, post-season bowl games, and high-profile events throughout the city of Boston and beyond. During the spring season, the Golden Eagles perform in a range of campus dance events including Showdown, Week of Dance, and the Arts Festival. Our styles include pom, high kick, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary, and we welcome dancers from a variety of backgrounds including cheer and gymnastics.<br /> </p>
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Gusto Journal
<p>We accept writers of all writing levels and backgrounds, and we encourage any interested individuals to apply.<br /> </p>
<p>Gusto was created in 2018 as a food-themed literary journal created by students for students. We put out two print journals a year (one per semester) in addition to our online content. We strive to inspire and engage our audience as we explore the unique value of food in each of our lives.<br /> </p>
<p>Boston College's only all male a cappella group dedicated to brotherhood through music.<br /> </p>
a cappella live voice music tradition
<p>Hello... Shovelhead is a sketch comedy group. We write and perform two original sketch comedy shows each year and they are unbiasedly hilarious. We like you, and you should like us too.<br /> </p>
Acting craft Writer live
Instrumental Chamber Music
<p>Auditions will be scheduled during the first week of each semester.<br /> </p>
<p>Instrumental Chamber Music features chamber groups of strings, piano and/or winds in duos, trios, quartets and quintets. Each group meets weekly for one hour of rehearsal and one hour of faculty coaching. Performances take place at the end of each semester; during the spring semester there are performance mid-semester and during the BC Arts Festival as well. Contact Prof. Sandra Hebert at hebertsa&#64;<br /> </p>
Jammin Toast
<p>Jammin Toast provides an informal atmosphere where students come together to play, create, and enjoy each other’s musical talents. We also provide a casual breakfast, allowing students to engage in conversation about music and life. With this, those who enjoy music but do not play can still be part of the experience! This combination creates an opportunity for students of Boston College to bond and connect on the foundation of shared interests.<br /> </p>
creative music
<p>Auditions will be scheduled during the first week of each semester. Contact director Lindsay Albert at lindsay.albert&#64;<br /> </p>
<p>Liederabend focuses on the Art Song tradition. Singers work with a pianist and coach on songs from 17th-21st centuries in Italian, German, French, Spanish and English. Performances are at the end of each semester.<br /> </p>
Madrigal Singers
<p>Boston College’s only student-run vocal ensemble dedicated to performing high-quality chamber choral works, with an emphasis on the Renaissance.<br /> </p>
a cappella live voice music tradition
<p>All are welcome!<br /> </p>
<p>MakeBC is a club aimed at creating a community of makers at Boston College. Our goal is to spread maker culture and foster interdisciplinary collaboration between technology and art. We host introductory workshops in robotics and 3D printing, speaker events and competitions, and encourage students to work on projects for social good.<br /> </p>
<p>MASTI is Boston College's only Bollywood Fusion dance team. We specialize in traditional South Asian dance styles such as Bhangra and Classical Indian dance, while also incorporating more modern styles such as Hip Hop and Contemporary. Our performances are high-energy and fun above all else--MASTI is literally the Hindi word for fun! Throughout the year, our members bond over a mutual love of dance and a desire to share the South Asian culture with the rest of the community. We are not only a team but a family!
<br /> </p>
tradition dance live culture
McMullen Museum of Art
<p>The McMullen will be at the Student Involvement Fair. Please stop by to say hello and learn more about what we are up to this year! We also welcome you to the Art After Dark Student Opening of our newest exhibitions on Friday, September 9, from 6–10 pm. There will be food, games, live performances, hands-on art making, and more! We look forward to meeting you.<br /> </p>
<p>The McMullen Museum cultivates learning, celebrates artistic excellence, explores the visual traditions of diverse cultures, and inspires transdisciplinary faculty and student research based on the visual arts. The McMullen offers exhibition-related programs and resources for diverse audiences on campus, in the Greater Boston area, and beyond.<br /> </p>
Music Department
<p>Visit our website to view our concert calendar, performance opportunities, and to learn more about our major and minor programs.</p>
<p>Conscious of Boston College's mission, the Music Department rises to the challenge of educating the whole person. Our programs, both curricular and extra-curricular, are carefully designed to engage the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual faculties of our students, the College family, and the wider community.<br> </p>
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Music Guild
<p>We are a musical networking group committed to helping all BC musicians. We sponsor musical events on campus, including open mic nights and a Battle of the Bands, where student musicians can perform. We also have a club drum kit, guitar and bass amps, and a practice room that can be used by our members.<br /> </p>
creative music
Music Production Club
<p>The Boston College Music Production Club is committed to fostering the growth of aspiring and experienced music producers and artists of all genres. Email&nbsp;<br> </p>
creative music
Musical Theater Cabaret
<p>Auditions will be scheduled during the first week of each semester. Contact Director Pam Murray at murraypp&#64;<br /> </p>
<p>Students present staged scenes involving both ensembles and solos from the Musical Theater repertoire. Preparation for auditions is also addressed. Students work with faculty coaches each week, and present performances at the end of each semester. <br /> </p>
My Mother's Fleabag
<p>Auditions are typically held for two evenings in the week following the fall semester Student Involvement Fair<br /> </p>
<p>My Mother's Fleabag is an improv comedy group established in 1980 and is reported to be oldest collegiate improv troupe in the nation. The group is comprised wholly of BC undergrads of varying years and majors. Short-form improv is the major focus of our performances but we're always dabbling in long-form and sketch. Our mission is to develop our skills in improv and share it with the BC community and beyond.<br /> </p>
Opera Workshop
<p>Auditions will be scheduled during the first week of each semester. Contact director Randy McGee at randy.mcgee&#64;<br /> </p>
<p>Singers present arias and scenes from opera and operetta repertoire. The scenes are costumed and staged, so addresses both singing and acting skills. Performances take place at the end of each semester<br /> </p>
Phaymus Dance Entertainment
<p>Auditions are the Sunday following the Student Involvement Fair</p>
<p>Phaymus Dance Entertainment is a hip-hop crew established in 2004 founded on the basis of creating an inclusive space for students of all backgrounds. Phaymus is known for their high-energy hard-hitting performances.<br /> </p>
Photography Club
<p>The Photography Club has two main goals: 1) to create a welcoming environment in which photographers of all levels and experiences can grow in their skills and knowledge and 2) foster a community around viewing, creating, and discussing photography.<br /> </p>
creative design
Piano Ensemble
<p>Auditions will be scheduled during the first week of each semester. Contact Professor Hebert, hebertsa&#64;, for more information.<br /> </p>
<p>Piano Ensemble is a group of pianists of intermediate through advanced levels, playing works for one or two pianos for two, three or four players. Students will be coached each week by a faculty member coaching each week and will also have a scheduled rehearsal.<br /> </p>
Post Road
<p>Post Road is a literary journal published by the Boston College Department of English dedicated to publishing up-and-coming authors.<br /> </p>
Presenting Africa To U (PATU)
<p>Presenting Africa To You (PATU) is Boston College's only African dance team, specializing in both traditional and modern African dance styles from the African continent as well as the diaspora. The mission of PATU is to present Africa's rich, dynamic, and multifaceted culture to their audience through dance. PATU has been around since 1996 and has performed at various venues both in the greater Boston community as well as at Boston College.<br /> </p>
tradition dance live culture
Robsham Theater Arts Center
<p>Come to visit the Robsham anytime! Register your account and get tickets! <br /> </p>
<p>In harmony with the Jesuit, Catholic tradition of Boston College, the Robsham Theater Arts Center instructs and guides students in the presentation and expression of their art, cultures, and ideas to a broad audience. We welcome and encourage you to participate in our many productions whether on stage, backstage, or as a member of the audience.<br /> </p>
Sexual Chocolate
<p>Sexual Chocolate (SC) is BC's only all male step team. The organization was founded in 1999 during BC's Options Through Education Summer enrichment program by four African-American freshmen initially disappointed with the fact that fraternities were not allowed at Jesuit institutions. This organization gives its members the opportunity to explore the traditional African American art of Step Dancing while meeting new and interesting individuals who are passionate about exploring other cultures and expressing themselves artistically through a creative vehicle unlike any other. SC's membership and alumni network has grown to include individuals from many different racial, ethnic, and educational backgrounds; and believes in the idea of its diversity and pursuit is the best way to grow as an artist and an individual. <br /> </p>
tradition dance live culture
<p>Auditions are Thursday, September 1; Sunday, September 4; and Monday, September 5<br /> </p>
<p>The Boston College Sharps are the only all-female a cappella group on campus and in 1990 became the second group to join BC’s a cappella scene. In addition to providing a strong musical foundation with live-mixed shows, The Sharps are proud to foster a space for development and friendship among young women.<br /> </p>
Students Taking Initiative To Creative Heights (STITCH)
<p>Weekly meetings throughout the semester<br> </p>
<p>Students Taking Initiative To Creative Heights (STITCH) is a tight-knit community of crafters working on anything that involves stitching, including knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and sewing. We help teach new crafters and provide a space for all ability levels to gather.<br> </p>
Studio Art Department
<p>The Studio Art major provides students with an opportunity to develop the techniques, visual sensibility, and historical understanding necessary for working with various materials. An exploration of the meanings and ideas generated by the things we make and an awareness of the process of making are essential parts of the program.<br> </p>
design creative craft
<p>Throughout its long tradition, Stylus has taken different forms, transitioning from a monthly news and literary publication to its current state: a biannual publication of poetry, prose, and art from Boston College's undergraduate student body.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> </p>
<p>Boston College's oldest and largest undergraduate literary &amp; arts magazine.<br> </p>
<p>Synergy started off as a Boston College exclusive on-campus group, but now performs and competes at various venues across Boston and the East Coast; and hopes to travel to the West Coast in the near future. Synergy's resume includes other college campuses such as Boston University, Bentley College, Brandeis University, Wellesley College, MIT, Babson College, and more. Synergy has also competed in the Prelude EC Competition, Kollaboration Boston, and World of Dance Tour. Synergy is very thankful for all the love from our fans and the exposure the crew has received since its establishment!<br /> </p>
tradition dance live
The Bostonians
<p>Auditions: Sunday, September 4th - Tuesday, September 6<br /> <i>Dates subject to change</i></p>
<p>The Bostonians are Boston College's original and premier co-ed A Cappella group since 1986. We want every person in our group to be heard, further diversifying our set of music and creating a family. We want this group to be not only your best experience from a music perspective, but from a community as well.<br /> </p>
The CCE (Committee for Creative Enactments)
<p>Ice Cream and Improv - Friday, September 9 <br /> Auditions for “Bridge Over Troubled Murder” - September 13-14<br /> </p>
<p>The CCE is Boston College's only open comedy and theatre group on campus, with a focus on inclusivity and education. We host open improv practices three days a week where anyone can stop by to learn the basics of improv, practice for our monthly comedy shows or just to watch and have a good time with friends. We also provide a place for individuals to present new works of theatre as we produce a full length play or musical each semester that is entirely written, produced and performed by members of the CCE.<br /> </p>
The Common Tones of Boston College
<p>Auditions: First Friday in September until Sept 6th or 7th (approximate)<br> </p>
<p>Founded in 2015, The Common Tones of Boston College was created in order to bring the passion of Boston College voices into the heart of Boston. Versatile in repertoire and dedicated to serving the community, the Common Tones are a committed, energetic, and vibrant family of a cappella singers.<br /> </p>
The Hatchery
<p>Open House the day after Labor Day</p>
<p>The Hatchery is the new Makerspace on campus dedicated to providing an accessible and community-oriented space for all students. At the Hatchery, all BC community members are encouraged to explore their creativity and apply their education in order to make impactful change. The Hatchery offers trainings and workshops in a variety of areas such as sewing, woodworking, laser cutting and 3D printing. We are located in 245 Beacon in room 203.<br /> </p>
The Laughing Medusa
<p>Take a look around our site, check out our latest publication, and don’t forget to submit your poetry, prose and art for review!<br /> </p>
<p>BC's only female and non-binary literature and arts journal! Submit ANY SUBJECT MATTER and all forms of art: prose, photos, poetry, painting, creative non-fiction, sketches, etc. to<br /> </p>
The Liturgy Arts Group of Boston College (LAG)
<p>No auditions or experience required -- all are welcome! We rehearse on Wednesdays from 4-6pm in St. Joe's Chapel on Upper Campus, beginning the first week of classes.<br /> </p>
<p>The Liturgy Arts Group serves Boston College by sharing its gift of music at Sunday liturgies and special events on campus. With voices and instruments, LAG is committed to enlivening and enriching the University’s worship experience. LAG welcomes all students with a love for creating music and a desire to join a close-knit community.<br /> </p>
The Medical Humanities Journal
<p>We encourage creativity and want students to submit any piece they believe might fall under Medical Humanities. Our hope is that this journal allows students to try out new forms of writing and art, and thus we are looking for submissions to employ a wide variety of techniques and styles. Please feel free to try out a form of writing that you may not have had the opportunity to attempt, including interview articles, fiction pieces, and poetry.<br /> </p>
<p>At Boston College, Medical Humanities is an interdisciplinary, humanistic, and cultural study of illness, health, healthcare, and the body. The Medical Humanities Journal is a student-run interdisciplinary publication that seeks to engage the Boston College community and beyond in conversation surrounding this emergent field.<br /> </p>
The Musical Theatre Wing of Boston College
<p>Auditions for events held throughout the year, eboard application due later in the semester<br> </p>
<p>MT Wing is a theatre group dedicated to providing low commitment and accessible performance opportunities for all theatre lovers. We produce cabarets, karaoke nights, concertized musicals and more that all are welcome to audition for and attend.<br> </p>
The University Chorale of Boston College
<p>Auditions for the Fall Semester will take place several days during the first week of classes in the Chorale Office located in Lyons 426. It's an open walk-in audition, all are welcome to come and nothing is required to be prepared beforehand. There will also be another round of auditions at the beginning of the Spring Semester. Look out for specific dates and times at the beginning of the semester, and we hope to see you there!<br /> </p>
<p>The University Chorale of Boston College is a mixed choir consisting of approximately 150 members, providing a fantastic opportunity for those with any interest in music to participate in a professional and visible performance group on campus. The Chorale rehearses 2 times a week, with Soprano and Alto sectionals on Mondays, Tenor and Bass sectionals on Tuesdays, and Full Ensemble rehearsals on Thursdays, all from 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm. We participate in a number of performances over the course of the year, including the annual POPS on the Heights! concert during Parents' Weekend, our Fall Concert, a Christmas concert series in collaboration with the Boston College Symphony Orchestra, our Winter Concert, Spring Concert, and ArtsFest performance.<br /> </p>
The University Wind Ensemble
<p>Auditions:<br> Mandatory Reading Session: Wednesday, August 31</p> <p>Email&nbsp; for details!</p>
<p>The University Wind Ensemble (UWE) provides student musicians the opportunity to perform the finest and most challenging traditional and contemporary wind and percussion literature by great composers. UWE performs 5-6 concerts each year; students are given free private lessons; and there is a small scholarship.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br> </p>
music live
Theatre Department
<p>For up to date audition and show info visit our website!</p>
<p>We are a community of students, faculty, and staff who are committed to theatre education that combines scholarship and art. We seek to foster creativity, critical thinking, excellence, and professionalism through the integration of courses, productions, workshops, and other activities. We seek to understand theatre not only as a means of artistic expression and a form of entertainment but, as a window onto history, a method of inquiry into all things human, and a vehicle for social change.<br /> </p>
live Acting drama design
UPrising Dance Crew
<p>Auditions: Beginning of Fall Semester, around Labor Day weekend<br /> </p>
<p>UPrising Dance Crew is a dance team with a hip-hop background on the Boston College campus that incorporates a variety of different styles and elements of dance, including visuals, concepts, stunts, and movement. UPrising prioritizes a strong sense of family and unity and its members have both a passion for dancing and for supporting one another. UPrising's performance quality is described as being &quot;explosive, high energy, creative dancing&quot;, that incorporates big risks.<br /> </p>
Voices of Imani
<p>Voices of Imani is a gospel choir created to celebrate the viability, potency, and beauty of African-American religious music. The choir has not only served as a source of spiritual inspiration, but also a needed source of unity and strength among students of color and the Boston College community as a whole. The repertoire of the group is reflective of this great faith tradition in that it includes the breadth of musical expression in the black worship experience, such as spirituals, traditional gospel, and contemporary gospel.<br /> </p>
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WZBC Newton 90.3 FM
<p>We will be at involvement fair and have general interest meetings the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after.<br /> </p>
<p>Boston College radio, WZBC 90.3 FM, is a non-profit, non-commercial entity operated by students! WZBC offers students the chance to DJ on our station. We aim to share new, local, progressive, and unique programming.<br /> </p>
Waaw Waaw Sabar/BC West African Music Ensemble
<p>No experience necessary. Classes begin second week of the semester. Attend on either Wed or Fri<br /> </p>
<p>Waaw Waaw BC specializes in sabar, a drumming and dance style of the Wolof people from the Greater Senegambian Region of West Africa. A vital dynamic of Senegalese society, the sabar is performed at a wide range of cultural events including baptisms/naming ceremonies, weddings, circumcisions, religious practice, political meetings, wrestling matches, and community gatherings. The sound of the sabar is wide ranging and can be heard in the soundtrack of the film Black Panther and as the percussive foundation for the urban dance music of Senegal called mbalax. In short, this drumming ensemble is a blast.<br /> </p>
Word of Mouth
<p>WoM is Boston College's public speaking and storytelling organization. We create a space on campus where students can improve their ability to speak in front of a crowd, but more than that, we offer a space for students to find their voice and talk about things that are important to them. Prompts range in topic, and they change from week to week. There is no mandatory attendance to be part of the club, and you will never be asked to speak if you're not ready. Just show up to a meeting, and we'll go from there!<br /> </p>
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Writer's Circle
<p>Writers' Circle as a group, is a space for people to share their pieces, develop their storytelling skills, and join a community of other writers. Some meetings, members will share pieces with the group, to receive feedback to help them with their piece (and, of course, praise for their work). Other meetings, we'll have an author, editor, or other professional in the world of writing speak to us, so that members have the opportunity to learn about all the places they can apply the skills they build with us. And sometimes, we free write and have fun! No previous writing experience is required, only an interest in writing! <br /> </p>
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