Gallery 203

Gallery 203, located in Carney Hall, aims to promote student expression and exposure of the visual arts across campus. The Gallery builds off of the Jesuit value of exploring one’s feelings, desires, fears, and responses to the everyday world around us. In this way, the exhibition space encourages artists to be observant, curious, and reflective by providing a public environment for them to convey their inward-looking thoughts. All BC students, clubs, faculty, and staff are welcome to share their artistic work with the community.

The Arts Council and Gallery 203 logos

Please note that submitting a proposal is not a reservation and does not guarantee you can host an exhibition in the Gallery. The Arts Council Gallery 203 committee will review your request and contact you for further information or confirmation. A meeting may be required to discuss your proposal. Feel free to contact with any questions or concerns.

Exhibition proposals are accepted in the fall and spring for the upcoming semester. 

  • Exhibitions can be two weeks to one month long.
  • Art can be from a single artist or group of collaborators and of any medium.
  • Artists are responsible for installing and removing their own pieces.
  • Artist are responsible for opening and closing the gallery during the exhibition.
  • Artists are responsible for hosting an opening reception (optional).
  • Maximum of one exhibition per individual/club per academic year.

Exhibition Dates

The exhibition dates will be agreed upon by the Arts Council and exhibiting aritsts, and shall not be modified by the exhibitor without agreement by the Arts Council. Artwork failed to be cleaned out by the agreed removal deadline will be discarded.

Visiting Hours

The exhibiting artists are responsible for the Gallery to be open to the public Monday-Friday between the hours of 11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., assistance from the Arts Council staff can be arranged. Any extra time(s) the exhibitor wishes for the Gallery to be open is their responsibility.

Terms of Use

A. Carney Gallery 203 – The exhibitor has full use of the 938 square feet of this room. The exhibitor must leave the space in the same state in which it was found prior to installation. This includes the removal of all artwork and patching of nail holes in the walls. The Arts Council is not responsible for paying for installation or removal.
B. Carney Studio Space 204 – The exhibitor can utilize this room as a staging area and for supply storage starting on the Installation Date until the Removal Deadline.
C. Content – Hateful or discriminatory works of art will be removed from display without notice to the exhibitor.
D. Presentation – The Arts Council will create and produce wall labels. Deadline for information submission is 2 weeks before exhibition open.
E. Reception – An opening reception of the exhibition is optional. The exhibitor would be responsible for providing refreshments (no alcoholic beverages), setup/cleanup, and attending the entire event.
F. Cancellation – An exhibition cannot be cancelled within two weeks of the Opening Date. Work cannot be withdrawn from the exhibition until the Closing Date without approval of the Arts Council.

Protection of Artwork

A. Insurance – The Arts Council does not offer insurance for artwork and is not responsible for vandalism or theft.
B. Security – The Gallery and Studio Space will be locked outside of Visiting Hours. Members of the Arts Council may staff the Gallery during Visiting Hours, but this is not guaranteed.
C. Key – The exhibitor will receive one key for access to both the Gallery and Studio Space which must be returned within seven days after the Removal Deadline. For exhibitions with multiple artists participating, the key will be given to the main point of contact.

Sale of Artwork

A. Transactions – Works of art can be for sale at prices of the exhibitor’s discretion. The exhibitor is responsible for contacting the buyer and handling payment. The Arts Council will not take any commission from the sale. Work purchased during the exhibition must remain in the show for its entire length.
B. Shipping – The Arts Council will not pay for the shipping of artwork to/from the exhibition or to a buyer.


A. Print Media – The Arts Council will print color postcards or flyers outlining the exhibition’s title, artist(s), dates, and any other information deemed fit by the Arts Council Marketing Team. The exhibitor must provide an image and text for the printed materials no later than 2 weeks before exhibition opening to qualify for printed promotion.
B. Digital Media – The Arts Council will market the exhibition via Facebook, Instagram, and the organization’s online newsletter.
C. Reproduction – The Arts Council reserves the right to take photographs of pieces and utilize them for publicity of the exhibition and/or the Gallery at any time.
D. Copyright – The exhibitor retains the copyright to all artwork. Any promotional messages will give credit to the artist(s).

Tatiana Flis, Arts Council, "Diffraction Interference", 2017, graphite and gouache, 12 in x 16 in

'Diffraction Interference' by Tatiana Flis

Campus Art Exhibitions

Visual art exhibitions can be seen throughout the campus in our offices, hallways, art gallerys, and our McMullen Museum of Art. Groups across campus, including the Boston College Art Club, hold annual shows that recognize and display the talent of the Boston College students, faculty, and staff of all disciplines and backgrounds.

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