The research of my group will contain three main directions:

  1. Fabricating heterostructures and nanodevices of 2D materials;
  2. Low-temperature electronic transport and optical spectroscopy measurements;
  3. Developing new tools to manipulate and probe 2D devices, such as AFM on-tip electronic/optical probes.

The Boston College physics department is a highly collaborative environment, entirely focused on condensed matter research. The department has almost 20 active faculty working at the forefront of solid-state research in quantum materials, topological and correlated physics, superconductivity, magnetism, plasmonics, quantum information, and computing. This includes cutting-edge experimental techniques such as scanning NV, STM, MBE, NSOM, single crystal growth, low-temperature transport, broadband optoelectronics, and spectroscopy. The Boston area as a whole (with many research institutes around) is an extremely vibrant environment for 2D material research. The person will have extensive collaboration opportunities with groups at MIT, Harvard, and Boston University, etc.


Postdoc positions

Our group is often looking for highly motivated postdoctoral researchers. Candidates with the following experiences will be given priority: cryogenics, nanodevice fabrication, and optics. The positions are currently filled.

Graduate researcher positions

We are always looking for enthusiastic and self-motivated graduate students who want to enjoy the beauty of quantum physics and materials.

Undergraduate opportunities

We always welcome enthusiastic and curious undergraduate students to join our group and experience cutting-edge research activities.