Promoting Diversity in STEM

Group of students

Female students, postdocs, and faculty members who are physicists or interested in pursuing physics gather together and have fun over pizza or other food (ordered by the department) every month.

During this event, students get to know their peers, gain advice from their seniors, form study groups, and learn about research groups they are potentially interested to join. A guest faculty speaker will be invited to the last event every semester to give a presentation on research, academics, jobs, and opportunities.  This event is organized by Profs. Benedetta Flebus and Qiong Ma in the Physics Department and are strongly supported by the entire department. Nancy Chevry has been supporting the organization and arrangement.

Any females students and researchers who are interested in physics are welcome to join this monthly event. To join this event, please email Prof. Qiong Ma and/or Prof. Benedetta Flebus.