History Department Faculty

María de los Ángeles Picone

Assistant Professor




I am a historian of Modern Latin America specializing in the southern cone. I am interested in the intersection of nature and nation-making in border regions. Particularly, I am drawn to questions on how people experienced a shared sense of community through their spatial practices.

My forthcoming book, Landscaping Patagonia: Spatial History and Nation-Making in Chile and Argentina, examines how explorers, migrants, authorities, and visitors constructed their versions of ‘Chile’ and ‘Argentina’ in the Northern Patagonian Andes. I argue that between the 1890s and 1940s, these groups created shared versions of nationhood through regional, often cross-border, interpretations and transformations of the natural environment. This study shows how different actors – namely explorers, settlers, authorities, visitors, and bandits – sought to make Patagonia their own by transforming a collection of geographical sites into a landscape that evoked a shared past and a common future.

At Boston College, I teach courses on Modern Latin America, Spatial History, Environmental History, Sports History, and Borderlands. My teaching frequently includes unessay assignments and digital projects, from board games to websites.

Beginning in the Fall 2024, I will be co-director of the Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities. I am also affiliated faculty in the Environmental Studies Program and the CloughCenter for the Study of Constitutional Democracy (2023-2025).