Why Major in History?

We cannot hope to address the pressing challenges of our globalized, diverse, and complex world without a deep understanding of how those problems came to be. Written by leading scholars and writers, the resources below testify to the vital role that the study of history plays in our society and the ongoing demand for the skills that history majors acquire. 

Articles and Blog Posts

Fast Company

Journalist Elizabeth Segran explores why top tech CEOs want employees with liberal arts degrees.

Washington Post

Two university presidents who are academics in STEM wrote an opinion piece about the importance of the humanities and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Rachel Maddow

In a speech at Stanford, Rachel Maddow asserted that education in the humanities is a crucial asset in today's job market, calling history the king of undergraduate majors.

Wall Street Journal

The president of the Association of American Colleges & Universities weighs in on the skills obtained by studying the humanities.

New York Times

This article argues that in the drift away from the humanities, we risk losing something essential in ourselves.

NYT Letters

Letters to the editor in response to the NYT article from individuals stating why the humanities still matter.

The Atlantic

Employment statistics present the "best argument" for English and history majors, demonstrating that they have lower unemployment rates than other fields.

Chronicle of Higher Education

A public-opinion survey released by Northeastern University shows that employers want graduates who can think critically and can communicate orally and in writing.

What Humanities Crisis?

UC Davis historian Eric Rauchway argues that the National Center for Education Statistics shows that the percentage of humanities majors has remained steady for 40 years.