The BA/MA Program in History

The BA/MA Program allows selected students to earn both a BA and an MA in History in 5 years. Students may carry in up to 4 history courses taken as an undergraduate toward their MA degree: any 2 upper-division undergraduate courses, plus 2 more courses taken for graduate credit in the senior year (see below for more on how the courses are counted).

Students in the BA/MA program must meet all the specific course requirements for the undergraduate major as well as the formal requirements for the MA, including the completion of the MA colloquium, another graduate-level colloquium, a research seminar, demonstrated proficiency in a foreign language, and an oral comprehensive exam in major and minor fields.

Application Process

The application deadline is the end of spring semester of a student’s junior year.

Students interested in the program should first consult with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, who will review the student's academic record and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the program.

Prospective applicants should have an overall GPA of 3.33 and a GPA of 3.5 in History. Applicants should complete the online application process and submit at least 2 recommendations. There is no GRE requirement.

Once accepted into the BA/MA program, students should meet with the Director of Graduate Studies to devise a plan of study.

Counting of Courses

For students in the BA/MA program, 4 courses taken as an undergraduate count toward the MA: 2 upper-division history courses + 2 taken for graduate credit during senior year,

  • TWO upper-division courses* taken as an undergraduate are double-counted, ie) they count towards both the BA and the MA.
    • Courses that can NOT be double-counted are the Honors Seminar, the R&R for thesis writers, and the senior colloquium.
  • A BA/MA student should also take TWO courses for graduate credit during their senior year. These can be either 7000-level courses OR upper-division electives* taken for graduate credit.

* Upper-division electives are mainly 4000-level courses but Making History Public, a 5000-level course, can also be applied towards either of these requirements.

How to apply

Students must submit applications by the end of the second semester of junior year. The required application materials are a 500-word statement of purpose, a 12-15 page writing sample, at least two letters of recommendation, and an official transcript. Please take a look at MCAS Graduate Program Admission page for application instructions and email with any questions regarding uploading the materials.

Do not send any materials to the History Department.