Glenn R. Gaudette

John W. Kozarich ’71 Chair of the Department of Engineering



Glenn Gaudette, a biomedical engineer who has pioneered the use of plants as scaffolding for heart regeneration, has been named the inaugural chair of Boston College’s new Engineering Department, which will integrate BC’s liberal arts focus with a human-centered engineering curriculum to prepare students to find solutions that address critical human needs.

His research, supported by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, aims to develop a treatment for the millions of Americans suffering from myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular diseases. His work is also focused on the cultivation of protein products as sustainable food sources with reduced environmental impact.

Selected Publications

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  12. Jones JD, Rebello AS, Gaudette GR. Decellularized spinach: An edible scaffold for lab-grown meat. Food Bioscience 2021, 41, 100986.


  • Systems and methods for mapping and ablation in the bladder (with M Boden, S Nagale, Y Mendelson, D Cavallaro*, T Richardson*, T Hickey*, R Shuraim*, D Goksun*)
    US Patent # 11,083,516; Issued August 10, 2021; * = undergraduate students
  • Decellularization of Plant Cell Culture Materials for Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery (with J Coburn, N Phan)
    US Patent # 11,110,203; Issued: September 7, 2021