Why BC Engineering?

Truly great ideas change lives. At Boston College, we are known for providing a liberal arts education that combines intellectual rigor with character formation. Our Human-Centered Engineering (HCE) program follows this model by challenging students to use their BC engineering education in the service of the common good.

Academic intensity meets empathy

Our Jesuit, Catholic tradition calls on students to become "men and women for others" by using their talents to make the world a better place. In addition to challenging coursework, our engineering students will have time and space during weekly reflection sessions to look inward and consider their experiences in the greater context of the needs of society. 

Collaboration across disciplines

Solving global problems requires the kind of bold thinking and creative problem-solving that often grows out of conversations and interactions with others. With the brand new integrated science and engineering center at 245 Beacon, students and faculty from departments across the University have the resources and space to work together and exchange ideas. 

Liberal arts exploration

In an increasingly complex world, it takes new, diverse skill sets to solve problems and make lives better. As students in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences, engineering majors will have the opportunity to take liberal arts classes in subject areas like philosophy and literature.

Global reach

As part of a renowned research institution, Boston College faculty are at the forefront of global issues—from cybersecurity to the effect of pollution on children's health. In their Junior Collaborative Service Project and Senior Capstone Project, engineering students will be encouraged to collaborate with faculty by designing projects in conjunction with ongoing research projects taking place across the University. 

Integrated science

The ability to tackle future global issues requires a strong foundation across all areas of science. Our integrated science approach helps students develop fluency in a wide range of subjects, so they have the confidence and ability to acquire new skills and knowledge. 

Based in Boston

Some of the world's leading healthcare and technology companies are just minutes from BC's Chestnut Hill campus, which means the highest-quality partnerships and internship opportunities are also the most convenient. 

Connected for life

Our alumni are combining their passions with their BC education to drive change in a wide range of industries—from healthcare to the environment—in countries all over the world. Our engineering students join a global network of Eagles ready to support them in whatever field they choose. 

Engineering Department
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