Theatre Department Faculty

Jacqueline Dalley

Associate Professor of the Practice of Theatre




Prior to coming to Boston College, Jackie was on faculty at CA State University, Northridge, CA State University, Los Angeles and Wayne State University, designing costumes and teaching costume design, construction and history.

In addition to her academic work, Jackie has also done a considerable amount of freelance design work in Los Angeles, Detroit, Pittsburgh and Boston.  She has designed costumes for more than 200 production ranging from children’s theatre to opera, and from Shakespeare to musicals, in addition to designing for moan water-ski and dive shows for Sea World in Florida, Ohio and San Diego.  In Boston, she has designed costumes for many Nora Theatre productions, such as On the Verge, Van Gogh in Japan and Antigone, as well as Holland Production’s Hideous Progeny.

At Boston College she designs four mainstage productions each year and mentors student costume designers. She has designed costumes for over 70 BC Theatre productions, most recently Evita, Kingdom City, The Misanthrope, Waiting for Lefty, The Servant of Two Masters, Carousel, and The Tempest.