Stage Management

Student stage managers are the backbone of theater production at BC. This essential role familiarizes students with all aspects of theatrical production and helps to develop leadership, communication, and project management skills. Listed below are multiple ways to get involved in stage management at Boston College.


Stage Management Basics

Offered in the fall semester, this is a one-credit, pass/fail course that meets once a week. Stage Management Basics introduces students to the responsibilities and characteristics of stage management, both in the context of theatre at Boston College and on a professional level. Students study production preparation, rehearsal management, union rules, working relationships, and performance practices. Using a combination of discussion, hands-on training, reading analysis, and professional observation, students will develop the essential skills of a stage manager.


The ASM and SM labs give students hands-on stage management experience by working on one of the six Theatre department productions.

Assistant Stage Management (ASM) Lab

Every department production has two or more assistant stage managers. These students help the stage manager to run rehearsals and are in charge of backstage during performances. ASMs must be at many of the regular rehearsals and at all of the technical and dress rehearsals and performances for the show that they are assigned.

ASMing counts as a one-credit lab. While it takes a little more time than other labs, you learn how all the theatrical pieces of a show fit together. Unlike our other labs the ASM Lab uses traditional letter grading.This lab requires department permission, however, there are no ‘majors only’ restrictions and no experience is necessary to assistant stage manage a show.

Stage Management (SM) Lab

Once students gain experience as an ASM, they may advance to the 2-credit Stage Management lab.

The stage manger works alongside the director on a production and is in charge of organizing rehearsals, communicating with the production team, and running performances. Stage managers at BC work alongside students and professionals alike and are considered leaders within the department. Stage managers plan each rehearsal with the show’s director, create rehearsal schedules, keep track of blocking, costume and prop needs, and distribute rehearsal reports to theatre staff and designers.

The stage management lab is graded A, B, C, D or F and counts towards two of the theater lab credits.

Stage managers are assigned at the end of the previous academic school year to stage manage one of the six Theatre department productions. This lab requires department permission and significant production experience.

Other Opportunities on Campus

In addition to courses and labs within the theater department, there are also student groups on campus where students can get involved as an assistant stage manager or stage manager. These groups include Dramatics Society, Contemporary Theatre, and dance groups. Students can also work with BC’s Annual Arts Festival, which happens every spring.


If you are interested in becoming involved in stage management, want to sign up for an ASM lab, or have additional questions, please contact Adele Traub, Lecturer in Stage Management, at

Rehearsal Guidelines

Rehearsal guidelines should be made available to directors and stage managers when putting together a rehearsal schedule for their production. It should also be made available to cast members at the first rehearsal. View a PDF version of the latest version of rehearsal guidelines.