Keys to Inclusive Leadership in Nursing

The Keys to Inclusive Leadership in Nursing (KILN) program assists students to maximize their leadership potential, prepares them for the challenges of providing nursing care in our increasingly multicultural society, and nurtures their ability to create positive social change. KILN scholars receive financial support, faculty mentorship, and opportunities to network with nurse leaders as they pursue their undergraduate or graduate studies.

The KILN program was started in 2009 with a federal Nursing Workforce Diversity grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration. Since 2012, additional funding from the Price Family Foundation enables continuation and expansion of the program. Currently more than 50 KILN scholars per year participate in KILN. 

The things I learned through KILN were life changing. I felt like I grew as a future nurse caring for her patients, and also as a person.
Therese Villa, Class of 2020

The Social Change Model for Leadership

The Social Change Model was developed by the Higher Education Research Institute (1996) of UCLA for college students who want to learn to work effectively with others to create positive social change over their lifetimes. The assumptions of the SCM assert that leadership is a collaborative, service-oriented, values–based process that is about effecting change on behalf of society. 

These seven values of the Social Change Model are defined as follows:


KILN Award Recipients

Sun Kim ’22

The Key Award is awarded to a senior scholar who demonstrates a tireless devotion for social justice and supporting others from under-represented and under-resourced backgrounds. This scholar actively participates in service and advocates for people of color.


Melissa Pérez Capotosto

The Mentorship Award recognizes a faculty mentor for their tireless involvement and devotion to their mentee. This faculty member exemplifies what it means to be a leader in the community, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to the professional growth and development of their mentee.


Brianna Cheatham ’22

The Leadership Award is awarded to a scholar who demonstrates outstanding leadership by motivating and inspiring their peers. This scholar serves as a considerable resource, providing guidance, support, and direction to other students in the nursing community.

Kimberlyn Jones ’22

The Catherine Yetter Read Award is awarded to a scholar who has demonstrated tremendous growth and significant personal development. This scholar has utilized the experience and resources of KILN to develop themselves intellectually and professionally in our increasingly multicultural society.


Jamarii Johnson ’22

The Inclusivity Award is awarded to a scholar who openly embraces the differences of others in the community and promotes community cohesion. This scholar demonstrates sincere interest in learning and caring about those in the CSON community and beyond.


Lesley Carranza Bonilla ’24

The Rising Star in Nursing Award is awarded to a sophomore who takes an active role in the nursing community and demonstrates significant potential for growth as a KILN scholar.

KILN, by the Numbers