We caught up with Frances R. Lloyd, NP, a recent graduate of the CSON Direct Master’s Entry Program, who currently works at Newton Wellesley Internists, a primary care office at Newton Wellesley Hospital. Before coming to BC to pursue a career in nursing, Lloyd studied Biology at Harvard University and then worked as a high school teacher. Read on to learn about what led her to her present career path, her experiences at the Connell School of Nursing as a student in the Direct Master's Entry Program, and her current role as a BC preceptor. 

Frances Lloyd R.,N.P.

Why did you choose to pursue nursing as a career path?

Before entering the field of nursing, my previous career was as a high school teacher. I found that my favorite part of my job was teaching about biology and health.  The subjects made a large and immediate impact on the kids and led them to make changes in their lives. I decided to focus more on that impact in my career. Nursing was a natural fit for me as I was able to continue to educate while working in the health care field. I still spend a lot of time educating but my teaching is one-on-one with patients and students.

Tell us more about your current position at Newton Wellesley Internists.

I work with a wonderful group of providers that includes nine M.D.s and two other NPs in the office. I see patients for routine follow-ups as well as sick visits. My favorite thing about my job is getting to know the patients. I love the process of figuring out their concerns, needs and motivations, and then using that to help formulate their best treatment plan. There is nothing more rewarding than having a patient return and be glad to see you because they feel like they will receive good care.

How would you describe your experience at Boston College?

The Direct Master’s Entry Program was an ideal place for me. The intensive, but supportive, environment pushed us students hard, while making sure we had the tools we needed to keep up with the pace.  I had some excellent instructors and mentors. Susan Kelly-Weeder and Donna Cullinan, in particular, were always approachable and ready with practical advice.

How did your education at Boston College impact your career path?

Completing the Direct Master’s Entry Program allowed me to make a relatively quick career shift even while I had young children. I had a chance to participate in clinicals in a variety of practice settings, allowing me to get a better sense of what I wanted to do professionally.  In addition, the Connell School of Nursing is very well respected in the greater Boston area which opened many doors for me when it came to finding a job.  

What can you tell us about your experience precepting for Boston College?

Precepting allows me to continue to teach and I don’t have to worry about grading papers!  It also keeps me motivated to stay current on constantly changing guidelines. It is as much a learning experience for me as for my student.  I often learn about new treatments from my students and I get a sense of shifting medical trends.  Precepting is very rewarding but it can push your multitasking skills to the limit on a busy day.  It makes me constantly reevaluate my own practice and avoid falling into bad habits.


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