Áine Tracy ’19 was a biology major who was curious about business. She enrolled in the Carroll School’s Catalyst program the summer before her senior year. By the following May, Tracy graduated with a finance minor, a semester of investment banking experience, and a full-time job as an investment banking analyst.

“In just months,” Tracy says, “Catalyst transformed my future.”

Tracy is one of hundreds of students to take advantage of the Summer Management Catalyst Program since it was launched in 2014. The nine-week, nine-credit program was designed to introduce non-business majors to the core disciplines of management. 

Now, as students plan internships and other activities for the summer, many are filling out the application for Catalyst. (The deadline is March 16.) Students are expected to descend on Fulton 515 on February 12 for a Catalyst information session, where they will met faculty and alumni of the program, while others are tuning in to an informational webinar.

The program has grown from 33 students in the first year to 83 last year. Many Morrissey College students are drawn to the opportunity to learn accounting, finance, marketing, business law, and other critical areas of management. They’re also tempted by the chance to earn credit toward a management minor, should they decide to pursue one—and 70 percent of the 2019 Catalyst cohort declared an intent to do so.

“Catalyst gave me valuable insight into the business world, while enabling me to develop and enhance my skill set, and map out my career direction,” says Daniel Jones ’20, a political science major who added a management minor after attending Catalyst. “The program helped me land both my marketing internship and my full-time offer at Marcus, Goldman Sachs’ online consumer bank. It was a tremendous game-changer for me and my friends.”

The Catalyst program is accepting applications until March 16. Visit www.bc.edu/catalyst for more information.