The Center for Student Wellness, formerly the Office of Health Promotion was launched in 2011 and is dedicated to student health and offers innovative resources to students to inspire healthy living.

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Student and Staff Testimonials

Staff, students, and alumni share their experienes on being part of the Office of Health Promotion.

Elise Phillips
Current and Founding Director, Office of Health Promotion
Jeannine Kremer
Associate Director, Alcohol and Drug Education, Office of Health Promotion
Makayla Davis
Assistant Director, Wellness Coach Institute, Office of Health Promotion
Amanda Kuron
Assistant Director, Alcohol & Drug Education, Office of Health Promotion
Kathryn Sweeney
University Nutritionist
Kier Byrnes
Director, Robsham Theatre Arts Center
Craig Burns
Director, University Counseling Services
Alessandro Piselli
Senior Staff Psychologist
Rachel Goldsborough
Wellness coach and lead for NourishWell coaches
Ryan Carney ’21
Current wellness coach and lead for BeWell coaches
Jenny Chu
Current Wellness Coach and Lead for BeWell Coaches
Amanda Greco
Current Wellness Coach and Lead for BeWell Coaches
Andie Babusik
Past Student Staff and Manager of Social Media
Aroub Yosuf
Current Wellness Coach
Katelyn Kennedy
Alcohol Staff and past Wellness Coach and Graduate Student
Kelli O'Leary
Past Health Coach / Health Coach Alum

Signature Programs

Wellness Coaching

Sign up for individual or group coaching sessions to help you improve your health.

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Receive support around balanced eating, body image, and food allergies based on your personal goals and needs.

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Alcohol & Drug

Receive support, reflect on current choices, and learn about strategies for making lower-risk choices.

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Health Promotion by the Numbers


Years of the Office of Health Promotion


Health and Wellness Coaches since 2011


Screening tools have been developed to support safe drinking behaviors, sleep and general wellness. They can be found on our website. 


3 Topicals areas that include Alcohol and Drug Support and education, General Health, and Nutrition Education and Counseling