BC 101

As part of your first year at the University, the Office of Employee Development would like to invite you to a series of programs (BC 101) to introduce you to various areas across campus and provide you with information on the University culture and community.

BC 101 is a great opportunity to hear from University leaders about their areas and to provide you with a chance to network with colleagues from across campus. This program is intended as an introduction to the BC community for recently hired employees.

Upcoming Events

BC 101: Executive Leadership

November 09

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

David Trainor, Vice President of Human Resources, explains how decisions are made at the executive level including the interactions among the Board of Trustees, executives, and vice presidents. For instance, if you are new to higher education, you might not know what a Provost does. Mr. Trainor will explain the responsibilities of the Provost and how the academic world interacts and works with the administration.

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BC 101: HR - How Can We Help

December 09

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

We will introduce you to the different areas of Human Resources and describe how we can be of assistance to you during the first year of employment and beyond. From professional development opportunities to numerous benefits, there is a range of services available to you when you become a member of the BC community. We will present a sampling of these opportunities and be available for any questions.  

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