Contemporary Religious Artists

Art, Images & Materials related to the Book of Revelation
Art, Science and God
Biblical Arts Center, Dallas, Texas
Catholic Encyclopedia: RELIGIOUS PAINTING
Christian Art and Architecture
Christian Modern Art
Christianity and the Arts
CIVA: Christians in the Visual Arts
Fantastic Prayers: Art, Archeology, Religion and Rock and Roll
Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts
Freedom Art Project
Jesuit Art and Artists
Jesuit Resources on the World Wide Web
Journal of Religion and Film
The Master's Gallery of Loveland
Monastery of Christ in the Desert
The Ooze - a full service site for the Postmodern Church
Quakers and the arts
Revelation Links
Searching for the Spiritual
Theism, featuring Apollo 69
YUL Research Guide for Christianity: Religion and the Arts: Selected Journals
Individual Artists
Anne Hanger - MSU artist
Chester Comstock: Work in Progress 'The Ark of the Covenant'
Christ-Centered Art Gallery - Christian Art Prints
Christian Art - Signs and Wonders by James Couch - Christian Artist
Crucifixion. Fine Art with Religious Subjects by Walter Gabrielson, Craig Svare; Theology by John Dixon, etc.
In His Image - Sculpture by Eldona Hamel
McNichols Icons: St. Andrei Rublev Home Page - William McNichols, S.J.
Father McNichols icons are also available at Trinity Stores
Timely Art Visions - The Book of Revelation interpreted by Biblical Artist Devi Ann Moore
Vision Quest - photography by Don Doll, S.J.
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