If I choose to submit standardized test results, could that impact my chances of admission?

Yes. Test scores of applicants who choose to submit them will be used as a factor within our holistic admission review as we render our decisions. For admission to the Class of 2025, the middle 50% range for enrolled students was 1430-1510 on the SAT and 33-34 on the ACT.

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Learn more about our test-optional policy:

Can I switch my testing plan after submitting my Common Application?

Students who submit standardized test results to Boston College, and also indicate on their Common Application that they plan to submit an ACT and/or SAT report for review, will be unable to switch their application to test-optional at a later point during the review process. Once scores become part of a student's file, they cannot be removed.

Students who apply as test-optional candidates and later wish to change their testing plan to include standardized test results may request to do so. The Office of Undergraduate Admission will remain as flexible as possible to accommodate these requests, but cannot guarantee that a change will be approved. Application review commences on our application deadlines and files that have already been reviewed prior to a request being received are not re-evaluated. For full consideration, students should contact us directly as close to our deadlines as possible.

If I have been able to sit for an exam, how should I know whether to submit my scores?

Like any portion of an application, strong performance could improve a student's candidacy and weak performance could hinder it. As you make this decision, we encourage you to compare the scores you have earned with the mid-50% ranges for enrolled students from last year's class, provided above. This context should be helpful in assessing whether or not your scores may positively impact a decision.

Does this policy apply to international students?

Yes. However, international students will still be required to demonstrate English language proficiency via TOEFL, IELTS, or Duoligo English Test results. This requirement may be waived for students who speak English as their native language, attended a US high school for at least three years in a non-ESOL curriculum, or for students who do submit standardized test results and earn scores of 650 or greater on the SAT EBRW or 29 or greater on the ACT English section. Learn more here.

Does this policy apply to transfer applicants?

This policy applies to transfer students applying during the 2021-22 academic year (Spring 2022 or Fall 2022 admission).

Does this policy apply to home-schooled students?

Yes. However, because the Admission Committee has little context in which to evaluate home-schooled students’ academic results, standardized test results have always been extremely helpful in our deliberation process for this population. Home-schooled applicants who are unable to submit standardized test results are strongly encouraged to submit other available quantitative results such as AP exam scores, SAT Subject Test scores (if previously taken), or other external results to assist us in our evaluation. Official college transcripts should be submitted for all college courses completed.

Does this policy apply to athletic recruits?

Yes. Recruited student-athletes will be included in our test-optional policy for the 2021-22 application cycle.

Will students who do not submit standardized test results be eligible for the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program?


Yes. All applicants who submit their admission applications by November 1 will be eligible for consideration of one of 18 Presidential Scholarships. Learn more about applying for the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program.


Will Boston College remain test-optional in the future?

At Boston College, standardized testing provides meaningful context as we evaluate candidates with varying degrees of curricular rigor across more than 8,000 high schools from which we receive applications each year. Our research routinely demonstrates that the inclusion of standardized testing as part of our holistic review process provides the greatest predictive value toward ensuring student success.

With this in mind, we expect to restore standardized testing as a requirement for applicants once the testing challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic have subsided.