The Faith, Peace, and Justice minor offers students the opportunity to explore, in a interdisciplinary manner, how their own serious questions about faith, peace and justice are related to concrete work for peace and justice in our world.

The goals of the FPJ Program are to help undergraduate students acquire and develop skills in

  • empirical, social scientific analysis of concrete issues for justice and peace
  • gaining a solid intellectual and moral grasp of the ethical and justice principles which arise from these issues
  • learning how to formulate public policy or to initiate social change which would help solve these problems and
  • implementing creative methods for conflict resolution, appropriate for the level of problem solving their particular issues require.

To achieve these goals, each student is required to take the introductory course for the minor, THEO 2160/PHIL 1160, The Challenge of Justice (3 credits) and, in their senior year, the UNAS 4942, FPJ Senior Seminar (3 credits). In addition the students design, with the advice and approval of the FPJ Director, their own cluster of four elective courses (12 credits or more) that aims at an interdisciplinary course of study focused on the theme or concern for justice and peace that they have identified. This four course elective cluster is the foundation for the student’s final writing project in the Senior Seminar.