Degree Audit Errors

Degree audits of History majors often have courses miscategorized within the major requirements – or not categorized at all. Here are a couple of common situations:

  • The US history requirement. Students who scored 4 or 5 in APUSH may take 2 US history electives (2000- or 4000-level) instead of the US History survey (HIST 2401 & 2402) but the degree audit will usually not recognize the 2 US history electives as fulfilling the US history requirement.
  • 4000-level (aka upper-division) electives. Often these are not counted and drop to the bottom of the audit in the “courses not matched to requirements” section.

If you see errors on your degree audit, fill out the Degree Audit Course Substitution and Waiver Form on the Office of Student Services site.

Course Substitution and Waiver Form

For your own planning purposes, it’s best to keep track of the courses you are taking using the History Requirements Worksheet.