Get Involved

So you’re new to BC. You might already be busy getting ready for classes, signing up for activities, and making new friends. You might also see students in Robsham preparing for auditions, registering for labs, or hanging out in the green room. Overwhelmed yet?

While this might all be new to you, we are excited to welcome you to the theatre community and hope this guide will ease your transition. Whatever you might bring to the Boston College Theatre Department—be it your technical expertise, creative design, or fierce performance talent—read on. Welcome to the Theatre Department. We’re glad you’re here. 

Auditions for productions are open to the entire BC community. You do not need to be a Theatre Arts major or have previous experience to audition. Auditions are held at three points during the academic year—in September, November, and January. Join the listserv to learn what to prepare for upcoming auditions or check out the call boards in the back hallway of the Robsham.

Acting, directing, playwriting, dance—we offer introductory courses in all these areas followed by more advanced ones. It’s a great way to get your creative juices flowing and to put some variety into your schedule.

You get one credit if you work behind the scenes on a production by building the sets, props, and costumes or working backstage during the run of a show. It’s a fun way to meet people and get familiar with the theatre program.

Join the Listserv

The listserv, the Theatre Department’s email service, is a great way to stay up to date on upcoming shows, auditions, workshops, invitations, courses, and other theatre-related events. And if you have a theatre-related message, you can blast an email out. We encourage you to use it but not abuse it. To sign up, contact

Every production has two or more assistant stage managers. These students help the stage manager run rehearsals and keep the produc- tion moving forward. ASM-ing also counts as a lab. While it takes a little more time than other labs, you learn a great deal about how all the theatrical pieces fit together. You must ASM before stage managing. 

Help out with DS or CT

Dramatics Society and Contemporary Theatre are independent student-run producing groups. In total they produce three shows a year and need help during build and tech week. It’s a fun way to volunteer and befriend board members. 

Really. Why not come see a show? The Robsham Theater Arts Center is home to theatre productions on the Mainstage and in the Bonn, but also to dance shows, cultural events, and more. Once the semester gets rolling, there is a production nearly every weekend. There is a lot of talent on campus, so grab a friend and come see a show! Visit or call the Box Office at 617-552-4002 for tickets. 

Be in a Directing Scene

This is a great way to get started with performing at BC. Students in the Directing I and II classes need volunteer actors for their eight-minute scenes. It’s low commitment and high reward. Auditions are in September and February. Subscribe to the Theatre Department ListServ by emailing

Attend a workshop

A couple times a semester, theatre alumni and/or professionals visit to run a workshop. Audition technique, singing for actors, improvisation, salsa dancing, stage combat, and arts administration are some of the topics that can be explored at our workshops. Check the website, callboard, or listserv for workshop announcements. You’ve got nothing to lose by attending! 

Theatre Events