The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures offers courses in French, Italian, and Spanish languages, as well as their corresponding literatures and cultures, at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The undergraduate majors and minors in RLL are designed to help students attain a broad interdisciplinary insight into the literature and culture of other nations, while achieving a high linguistic proficiency in one or more Romance languages. Students can major or minor in French, Hispanic Studies, or Italian and courses range from elementary language to advanced seminars in languages, literatures, and cultures. The major offers solid preparation and guidance for students interested in teaching or in graduate studies, as well as in fields such as law, medicine, interpreting, and international business (see our Language Careers page). The minors serve as a useful adjunct to a wide range of academic specializations.

Exploration of cultural diversity and of diverse knowledge traditions is central to the mission of the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. Our program is global:  Spanish, French, and Italian are spoken in Europe, throughout the Americas and the Caribbean, and in many parts of Africa and Asia. Questions of migration, colonialism, post-colonialism, racism, and social justice are inextricable from the study of the Romance languages and literatures. Our curriculum offers the opportunity for rigorous engagement with perspectives expressed in Romance languages around the globe and throughout history. Faculty and students in our department come together to understand what joins and what divides us.

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