The History Department offers a large array of courses and programs. To help you navigate your way through these, and to make the most of your studies, we have a number of faculty and staff ready to help with advice.

History Majors

Most History majors are assigned History faculty as formal advisors. For most issues your History advisor is the best source of information and you should make it a point to get to know your advisor early and to be in touch whenever you have questions. If you do not know who your assigned advisor is, please check for that information on Agora or consult a Department Assistant.

Second Majors and History Minors

Students who declared History as a second major have an advisor from the department of their first major. For students in this situation, History faculty member Prof. Charles Gallagher is available to answer questions about the History major and also about the minor. You will not be assigned to him. Please contact Prof. Gallagher to set up an appointment, you are also welcome during his office hours.

Advising Contact