The Department of Communication is concerned with the study, criticism, research, and teaching of the artistic, humanistic, and scientific principles of communication. Through a series of required classes, the Department provides all majors with a basic understanding of communication, research, and theory. The Department also offers upper-level courses in many subject areas including new media, globalization, intercultural communication, cultural studies, health communication, and visual communication.

This program of study has led graduating majors to careers in communication industries and to success in fields related to communication such as business, education, government/politics, health, marketing, and public relations. Majors have successfully completed graduate programs in many fields including communication, journalism, business, and law.

Activities and Organizations

Students interested in communication may be interested in these areas:

Boston College TV

Channel 46: Faith, Peace, Justice

Fulton Debating Society

The Heights

WZBC 90.3 FM

Journalism Concentration

The American Studies Program offers a minor with a slate of journalism courses. They include, for example, Broadcast Writing, News Writing, Feature Writing, Magazine Journalism, and Advanced Journalism. These are workshop-sized courses taught by experienced journalists, emphasizing hands-on professional knowledge and training.

For more information please visit the American Studies webpage.

Honors Program

The Communication Honors Program provides qualified majors with an opportunity to conduct independent research and to write an honors thesis reporting their results. The program provides for close contact between the student and a thesis advisor so that the student can receive intensive guidance and assistance throughout their research and writing.

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