Sophomore Scholars

Anders BackstromSydney BoydCalley Dias
Abigail DruhotBarrette JanneyChristine Schmitt
Janet Annika SisonSamir SrivastavaMatt Ursin-Smith

Dean's Scholars

Joshua ArtmanCameron BollingEmma Thornton

Awarded to the outstanding Communication major in the graduating class.

Dr. John Henry Lawton came to Boston College in 1960 after earning a doctorate in Rhetorical Studies at the University of Iowa. After coaching the Fulton Debating Society to national prominence, Dr. Lawton returned to the faculty and served as chair of the Department of Speech Communication and Theatre from 1963 until 1980.

2018 winner of the John Henry Lawton Award:

Noelle Scarlett

2017 winners of the John Henry Lawton Award:

Isabella Valentini
Hailey Jisoo Tahk

Awarded to an outstanding senior major pursuing graduate work in Communication.

Gail Ann McGrath joined the Speech Communication and Theatre department in 1966. Dr. McGrath's pedagogical interests were varied and she taught courses in public speaking, rhetoric, and voice and articulation. For many years she also directed the department's internship prog

In her memory, students, colleagues, and friends raised money to endow an award in her honor. This award is presented to a graduating senior pursuing an advanced degree in Communication.

The 2018 winner of the Gail A. McGrath Award:

Bailey Flynn

The 2017 winners of the Gail A. McGrath Award:

Miranda Richard
Bianca Dempsey

Awarded to majors writing a senior honors thesis under the direction of a Communication faculty member.

To graduate with Communication Honors, a student must satisfy all of the requirements for the major, receive an A or A- in two honors seminars, and complete an honors thesis directed by a member of the Communication faculty.

The 2018 students graduating with Communication Honors

Scholar of the College
Bailey Flynn

"Rereading the affect of television trauma: A critical analysis of contemporary melodrama."
A version of this research was presented at the National Communication Association Conference.

Emma Catranis
"Millennial women and madam president: Is the future really female?"
Research presented at the MCAS Senior Thesis Poseter Session

Ariana Cho
"Women's sports in the new media age: A content analysis of broadcast companies on Twitter during the 2011 and 2015 women's world cup."

Kim Chook
"Whose tube? Examining YouTube power structures through a discourse analysis of Blogilates."
Additional research by K.C. presented at the Eastern States Communication Conference.

Kelsey Connors
"The first daughter in presidential rhetoric: Interactions of family and gender on the national stage."

Aimee DeArias
"Female perceptions of sexual assault on campus: Exposing a culture of silence."
A version of this research was presented at the Eastern States Communication Conference. This research was presented by invitation at the Jesuit Institute.

Hannah Ladesic
"Ethical consumption in practice: A look at the evolution of Whole Foods Market through the lens of organizational identity."

Danielle Patane
"Elite universities and their impact on self-identity."

Gerry Rodriguez
"Under pressure: Stress and the college undergraduate."
Additional research by G.R. presented at the Eastern States Communication Conference.

Noelle Scarlett
"The truth about casting: An analysis of typecasting in the Boston theatre market."

Izzy Viola
"Why do international students keep coming to study in America: The internal battle of the BC identity for Latin American students."
Additional reserach by I.V. presented at the Eastern STates Communication Conference.

Lauren Wry
"Virtual dramaturgy: Decoding the highlight reel of social media."
This research presented at the MCAS Seniro Thesis Poster Session. Additional research by L.W. presented at the Eastern States Communication Conference.

Alexandra Young
"Before the credits roll: A visual analysis of how product placement in film influences brand attitude."
Additional research by A.Y. presented at the Eastern States Communications Conference.

The 2017 students graduating with Communication Honors

Andreina Baquero-Degwitz
Thesis Title: Deconstucting the double threat: An analysis of representations of Latina women in television.
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Michael Keith

Cailin Cowley
Thesis Title: Masculinity in the media: How hegemonic masculinity impacts media portrayals of sexual assault on college campuses.
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Michael Serazio

Katelyn DeFusco
Thesis Title: The media's role in communicating climate change.
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Michael Keith

Alexandra Rae Hunt
Thesis Title: Selling empowerment: A critical analysis of femvertising.
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Michael Serazio

Anthony Iati
Thesis Title: Play by play: The evolution of the American play-by-play sports broadcaster 1921-2017.
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Michael Keith

Lillie Karch
Thesis Title: Talking about emails and females: An exploration of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election using image restoration theory. 
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Michael Serazio

Carlie Ladda
Thesis Title: From public broadcasting to mobile application:Technology's effect on children's education media in times of crisis.
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Celeste Wells

Ambrey Rice
Thesis Title: Selling authenticity: Case studies of corporate governance over consumer audiences in the age of social media.
Thesis Advisors: Dr. Don Fishman, Dr. Celeste Wells

Miranda Richard
Thesis Title: A comparative analysis of populist communication on Twitter during national elections.
Thesis Advisor:  Dr. Matt Sienkiewicz

Hailey Jisoo Tahk
Thesis Title: A rush to judgment: 2006 Duke lacrosse rape and 2011 Penn State child sex abuse scandal.
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Don Fishman

Isabella Valentini
Thesis Title: Female pop stars and the perception of women in society.
Thesis Advisor:  Dr. Andrew Owens

Members of the national honor society for Communication Studies.

Lambda Pi Eta (LPE) is the official communication studies honor society of the National Communication Association. LPE was founded at the University of Arkansas in 1985 and has grown into a national organization with more than 400 active chapters at colleges and universities across the country. After it reached a reasonable size, LPE became a member of the Association of College Honor Societies

The Communication Department historically inducted senior majors who finished an honors thesis into LPE. This was an appropriate way to recognize a significant academic accomplishment, but it meant the department was inducting majors at the very moment they graduated and left the Heights.

In an effort to make our chapter more active, the department changed when we inducted new members in 2009. Rather than waiting until students finish the honors program, eligible majors will be inducted when they start taking honors classes. This means the department will be inviting our very best majors to join LPE during their junior year with the hope that they will decide to write a thesis their senior year. Under the new scheme, everyone in the honors program will be eligible for LPE and those who complete a thesis will graduate with department honors.

The following students have been inducted into the Delta Zeta Chapter of Lambda Pi Eta:

Class of 2018

Emma Catranis, Ariana Cho, Kim Chook, Kelsey Connors, Aimee DeAries, Bailey Flynn, Hannah Ladesic, Danielle Patane, Gerardo Rodriguez, Noelle Scarlett, Isabella Viola, Lauren Wry, Alexandra Young

Class of 2017

Andreina Baquero-Degwitz, Cailin Cowley, Katelyn DeFusco, Alexandra Hunt, Anthony Iati, Lillie Karch, Carlie Ladda, Kristen Mabie, Ambrey Rice, Ji Soo Tahk, Isabella Valentini

Class of 2016

Emily Boches, Gillian Burke, Julie Kim, Anna Link, Brittany Perzia

Awarded to top majors in the senior class.

The Dorman Picklesimer Jr. Outstanding Major Award is presented to top Communication majors. A member of the Communication faculty from 1969 to 2002, Dr. Picklesimer taught courses in American Public Address, Communication Criticism, Public Speaking, Group Communication, Interpersonal Communication, and The Rhetorical Tradition.

The 2018 winners of the Outstanding Major Award:

Emma CatranisJaclyn ChanAriana Cho
Kim Chook
Kelsey Connors
Aimee DeArias
Bailey FlynnQianchong GuoHannah Ladesic
Liza NashDanielle PataneGerry Rodriguez
Noelle ScarlettKatherine SwallowSarah Swallow
Will Van Dalsem
Isabella ViolaWhitney White
Lauren WryAlexandra Young 

The 2017 winners of the Outstanding Major Award:

Andreina Baquero-DegwitzEdward BuckleyCalin Cowley
Katelyn DefuscoMargaux EckertLily Hanlon
Alexabdra HuntJonathan Im
Anthony Iati
Lillie KarchCarlie LaddaEmily Mackoul
Kristen MabieAmbrey RiceMolly Strakosch
Hailey Jisoo TahkIsabella Valentini
Chandler Walsh
Shenna Yuk Wong
Cecilia Zhou 

Awarded for outstanding academic writing, writing for the print media, production projects, and design work.

The Communication department issues a call for submissions each spring semester in Department Digest. Students are invited to submit work in categories of academic writing and writing for the print media. A committee of faculty members reviews the work and determines how many students will be recognized in any given year.

The 2018 award winners:

Caitrin AssafNick FlowersAlec Greaney

The 2017 award winners:

Alexander BendoAmbrey RiceChristopher Russo

Winners of the annual speech competition sponsored by the Communication department.

A persuasive speaking contest was endowed by friends and family of Father Leonard. The annual spring competition, sponsored by the Communication department, is open to all Boston College undergraduates and announced in Department Digest. Contestants' speeches must deal with a controversial topic and are judged on the basis of evidence, reasoning, organization, analysis, and delivery.

Winners of the Leonard Public Speaking Contest include:


First: Zachary Lynch
Second: Victoria JohnsonThird: Lizzie Lolis


First: Sean MacDonaldSecond: Elizabeth Lolis
Third: Naveen Senthikumar