Throughout the year, Connell School students, faculty, staff, and alumni celebrate our rich history—one full of special events that embrace the spirit of nursing and the culture of Boston College. During these moments, we recognize each other’s achievements, develop new knowledge, and come together as a community.

The Pinning Ceremony is an important milestone for all new nurses. The nursing pin is a symbol of a student’s academic accomplishments and transition to the nursing profession. Today’s pinning ceremonies can be traced back to the 1860s when Florence Nightingale was honored with a pin for her service during the Crimean War. The first nursing pins were presented in the U.S. in 1880, and by the early 20th century, schools of nursing throughout the country were awarding nursing pins to their graduates.

The Boston College nursing pin depicts the official University seal that has been in use since 1934. The shield in the center contains two crowns and a badge, a book, and three mountains. Below the shield, a scroll appears inscribed with the Latin words Religioni et Bonis Artibus, which translates to "For Religion and the Liberal Arts." On the pin, the book is overlaid by the Caduceus, a modern symbol of medicine, atop the Lamp of Knowledge, an international symbol of nursing.  

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CSON pin

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BC Traditions

Mass of the Holy Spirit

The Connell School community is always well represented at the "opening ceremonies" for the academic year, the Mass of the Holy Spirit. This tradition starts the school year at Jesuit institutions dating back to the Middle Ages and is open to all faiths.