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The Carroll School now offers six minors for non-management students: Accounting for CPAs; Accounting for Finance and Consulting; Finance; Managing for Social Impact and the Public Good; Management and Leadership; and Marketing. These minors will help students further integrate their studies with management disciplines.

Students will be limited to one Carroll School minor. Students will carry out the required coursework for a specific discipline of management (e.g., Finance), and upon completion will earn a minor in that discipline.


Accounting for CPAs

Designed for students interested in working in public accounting.


Accounting for Finance & Consulting

Gain a deeper understanding of accounting in order to be better preapred for careers in finance or consulting.


Learn more finance and prepare for a career in financial institutions, service firms, nonprofits, and government agencies.

Management and Leadership

Understand the behavioral side of management and increase your knowledge of leadership and management and build skills in these areas.


Managing for Social Impact
and the Public Good

An interdisciplinary program of study focused on analyzing the multifaceted social impacts of local and global organizations.



Develop the quantitative and qualitative marketing knowledge and skills to be better prepared for a career in marketing and advertising.


More Information

Most of the coursework towards minors is in the junior or senior year, and typically no courses will be available to freshmen. Students should pay attention to the prerequisities listed for certain courses.

Students will be able to retroactively classify their previous coursework toward a minor, if it meets the criteria. This includes coursework in the Catalyst Program (for example, all Catalyst students take ACCT1021, which is the introductory course for Accounting, Finance, and Marketing minors).

A background in Excel and other tools may be assumed for some courses. It will be the responsibility of the students to check with Carroll School professors to make sure they have the foundational knowledge for the course.

Please note any policies that may impact graduation requirements (for example, MCAS students must have a minimum of 96 credits in MCAS, so they must choose their non- MCAS electives and minors with caution).

For advising on their minor, students should contact Ally Galati at ally.galati@bc.edu.

For career advising, the Carroll School does not have the capacity to meet with students outside the Carroll School. Morrissey, Lynch, and Connell students should reach out to their liaisons in the Boston College Career Center.