Faculty Directory

S. Adam Brasel

Associate Professor




S. Adam Brasel’s primary area of interest is visual marketing and interactive interfaces. As co-director of the Marketing Interfaces Lab, he uses eyetrackers and other advanced tools to explore how the rapidly changing media environment affects consumer perception and visual processing. His research explores issues such as how consumers media-multitask between computers and televisions, the ways touch and voice interfaces change online behavior, and sensory effects such as sound and texture in product evaluations. His research has appeared in venues such as the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Psychology, the Journal of Marketing Research, National Public Radio, and the Economist.

Professional Activities

Professor Brasel is currently on the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Consumer Research, the Journal of Consumer Psychology, the Journal of Retailing, and the Journal of Business Research. Before joining the BC Faculty, Professor Brasel served in marketing and research positions such as the Eyetracker Lab Coordinator for a visual research lab, a Project Leader at the Food & Brand Research Lab, and a Selling Accounts Coordinator for an internet advertising marketplace.