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Judith Clair

Associate Professor


Management and Organization


Judith Clair is an Associate Professor at Boston College in the Department of Management and Organization, located in the Carroll School of Management. She is an active researcher and teacher, and is also a wife and mother of two adolescent boys.

Dr. Clair has diverse research interests which have taken her down a variety of paths during her more than 20 years of experience as a scholar. Currently, Dr. Clair is undertaking a longitudinal study of the role of social identities (e.g., race and gender) in professional identity development processes of medical residents. She is also conducting research on identity change and career intentions of first-time pregnant professional women, as well as on how women “firsts” explain their advancement into top leadership positions. Dr. Clair has also written about and studied a number of other topics, including how individuals with invisible stigmatized identities manage those identities in the workplace, how individuals who lay off employees during downsizing events are impacted by their downsizing roles, and how organizations manage crises. Her publications have appeared in journals such as Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Human Relations, Academy of Management Executive, and Academy of Management Learning and Education.

Dr. Clair teaches courses in organizational behavior, leadership, and management of multicultural diversity. She teaches at the undergraduate, MBA, PhD and executive levels.