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Jonathan Beebe

Visiting Instructor


Operations Management


Professor Jonathan Beebe spent 11 years working in Operations Management and Strategic Product Development for CVS/pharmacy, one of the two leading retail pharmacy chains in the US. During his time there, he worked on several key pharmacy initiatives, including programs designed to improve health outcomes for patients living with chronic conditions.  Professor Beebe has translated this experience into his current research, which is related to service operations management, more broadly, with a particular focus on healthcare service quality. Current and future projects address the following two research questions: (1) how can insights into patients’ understanding and experience with healthcare quality improve the service delivered by providers?; and (2) in what ways does the introduction of electronic interfaces improve and/or degrade healthcare service delivery? Professor Beebe is currently conducting a qualitative analysis of “patient satisfaction” as a quality metric for patients living with chronic conditions, based on in-depth interviews with people living with HIV.


Professor Beebe is a member of the Decision Sciences Institute and Production & Operations Management professional societies.