This issue of C21 Resources magazine, “We are One Body: Race and Catholicism,” is a collection of articles on race and Catholicism that offer perspectives, lived experiences, and hope for the future.

Bishop Murray

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On September 11, 2017, Bishop George Murry, S.J., of Youngstown, Ohio, spoke at Boston College as the Church in the 21st Century Center Episcopal Visitor. Watch the video

Thea Bowman

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Read the original article Black spiritual traditions have long history in the Catholic Church Read the article
Read the Boston College honorary doctorate citation Read the citation

Mary Shawn Copeland’s GodPod (podcast)

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Listen to Mary Shawn Copeland’s GodPod (podcast) titled, Enfleshing the Freedom of Black Lives: Resistance, Solidarity and Hope Listen to the podcast


pastoral letter

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Read the pastoral letter in full. Read the text


Cardinal Wilton Gregory

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Watch the video of Cardinal Wilton Gregory’s 2018 address at the Boston College Commencement: Watch the video

Cardinal Gregory addressed current issues of racial justice and divisions in U.S. society at a March 20 conference on “confronting the sin of racism through understanding, conversion and action” hosted by the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia. Read the text

Meyer Chambers

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Boston College Campus Minister Meyer Chambers reflects on Saint Peter Claver’s life and Saint Paul’s teaching on love, both of which encourage us to be clear-eyed and hopeful as we respond to ongoing racial injustices. Watch the video

Valerie Lewis-Mosley

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Boston College alumna Valerie Lewis-Mosley '79 talks about Sr. Thea Bowman’s witness as a faithful Black Catholic woman and how it shaped Valerie's Catholic faith. She discusses the providential connection between Sr. Thea and Boston College’s AHANA. Watch the video

Kwasi Sarkodie-Mensah

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Boston College Libraries Manager Kwasi Sarkodie-Mensah, Ph.D., shares his experiences of seeing God draw together white and Black Catholics into one family, in which souls have no color and in which every soul is perfectly loved by the Father. Watch the video

The Boston College Forum on Racial Justice in America

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The Boston College Forum on Racial Justice in America provides a meeting place for listening, dialogue, and greater understanding of race and racism in our country, while serving as a catalyst for bridging differences, promoting reconciliation, and encouraging new perspectives. Visit the Forum on Racial Justice in America


FAITH FEEDS Series on Race and Catholicism

This issue of C21 Resources magazine "We Are One Body: Race and Catholicism" can serve as a catalyst for some important conversations in your home, classroom or parish. Download the new Faith Feeds Guides, gather over ZOOM or in person, and use these selected articles and guided questions to get started.

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FAITH FEEDS Race and Catholicism: Perspectives
FAITH FEEDS Race and Catholicism: Perspectives
FAITH FEEDS Race and Catholicism: Perspectives