The C21 Center hosts a variety of programs—virtual and in-person—designed to engage both children and adults in conversation and reflection around the role of faith in their lives. 

At Agape Latte, students gather over coffee to listen to a faculty member, school administrator, or staff member share his or her personal faith story.

The FAITH FEEDS program brings individuals in Catholic parishes together to share food and drink while discussing their faith.

High school students participating in Ever to Excel spend one week in the summer discovering new interests, deepening their faith, and making friends.

C21 Speaker Series

Panelists offer ideas for how the Church can be a more effective institution and restore its credibility among the faithful.

Episcopal Visitors

C21's Episcopal Visitor Program invites members of the Catholic hierarchy to visit campus to engage in conversation about current issues in the Church.

Espresso Your Faith Week

Espresso Your Faith Week is a week-long, campus-wide celebration of faith at Boston College with more than 30 events to choose from.


GodPods feature audio conversations with Catholic individuals from all walks of life discussing key topics affecting the Church.


Drawing God

The Drawing God program uses the children's book to create opportunities to draw closer to God through artistic expression, conversation and prayer.

Breakfast With God

This Sunday morning ZOOM program, featuring Miss Krane and Fr. Tran, creatively connects families to the Gospel while feeding their faith.

Women Religious

Women Religious is a program illuminating the role of women in furthering the mission of Christ in today's world.

The Catholic Intellectual Tradition (CIT)

The CIT is forged by a deep partnership between faith and reason, as if two sides of the same coin.

C21 Student Voices Project

We have launched the "Student Voices Project" to collect first-hand perspectives from Boston College undergraduate and graduate students on the challenges they see in the Church and their hopes for its future.