COVID-19 resources


Coronavirus resources in the Boston area

Compiled by the Center to Support Immigrant Organizing in Boston. Updated information may also be found on their website.

With that in mind, they have compiled an initial list of resources we want to share. They include:

April 2020 update from CSIO:

1) An important NEW resource for tenants, including undocumented households:

The state just announced that it set aside $5 million in Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) funds to help tenants that lose income from Clovid 19 and related loss. Undocumented people are eligible for these funds. RAFT funds will pay up to $4,000 per household towards housing if income has been lost. The application is in many languages, including Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, etc. (top of page there's a drop down box for the language preference). You apply through a local housing agency, and you can find info and your housing agency here:

Note that on the form it does ask for the social security number (says it's a 'required document'). The Director of Metro Boston Housing said to put 'N/A' on the form when it asks for your social. You probably will need to tell that to people.

2) This is a great resource that folks have compiled regarding Covid 19 resources throughout Massachusetts. It's like a 'Master List'

3) Free Internet access: This is from the Boston City Gov't page but the resources apply throughout the state I believe. Internet companies are offering free service to those who need to get on-line. One big one - the Comcast 'hot spot' wifi system, that has a lot of areas covered, is now free.

Comcast also has a low-cost laptop purchase program (around $150 for a laptop).

5) Mass JwJ list of funds for workers suffering from loss of income:

6) MLRI fact sheet on what benefits in lots of areas are available to undocumented people and to other immigrantsit is attached, as it's not on-line.

7) Tenant rights and eviction moratorium information in Spanish from City Life. This is somewhat directed to Boston but a whole section applies statewide:

8) Small business support: here is where the bodega, restaurant and other small business owners go to get 'loans' from the Small Business Administration - which turn into 'grants' (don't have to pay back) as long as owner uses the 'loans' to pay staff salaries or rent:

9) Organizing resources (nearly last but not least!). Here's a great 8-minute video on what capitalism is trying to do to roll back rights and resources for the 99% amidst this crisis, and how we can use this crisis to create a better world now that is sustainable into the future. It's with Naomi Klein:

Here also is a list of petitions and organizing efforts related to the Covid-19 crisis - there are lots of them. It's a growing list (put yours on them, it's growing daily!):

10) Organizational funding resources: List by Philanthropy Massachusetts that is updated daily. Community groups can apply for these to get more resources to their impacted communities:


Previous resources from CSIO:

La lista de abajo en español                         A lista abaixo em português        

1)   Comprehensive information on COVID 19 in 57 languages 

2)   Information from the One Fair Wage campaign on how to support tipped and other service workers who have the most to lose with the shutdown of the economy:

3)   Information from our friends at Lawyers for Civil Rights on issues related to rights and resources regarding health care, employment, immigration, food security, driver licenses, and other issues.

4)   Boston COVID-19 Community Care that include how to get food, financial support, housing, etc. as well as how to volunteer or contribute to critical efforts now (this crowdsourcing list is being updated daily)

5)    Information from USCIS about Public Charge for immigration purposes

6)    Emergency Evictions hotline: English (617) 934-5006 and Spanish (617) 397-3773

7)    Pick up places for free breakfasts and lunches in Boston for any BPS student. 

8)    Link to CSIO-compiled Boston COVID-19 community resources list

Link to temporary folder compiled by the Student Immigrant Movement (SIM) with Massachusetts COVID-19 resources for immigrants and workers in English and Spanish


Información exhaustivo sobre COVID-19 en 57 idomas

Información de la campaña One Fair Wage sobre cómo apoyar los  trabajadores de servicio que tienen lo más a perder con el cierre de la economía

Información de nuestros amigos en Abogados por derechos civiles sobre los problemas relacionados con los derechos y recursos con respecto a la atención médica, el empleo, inmigración, seguridad de comida, el permiso de conducir, y otros problemas

Boston COVID-19 cuidado de la comunidad incluye cómo obtener comida, apoyo financiero, las viviendas, etc. y también cómo trabajar como un voluntario o contribuir al esfuerzo criticales ahora (esa lista de crowdsourcing es actualizado diariamente)

Información de USCIS sobre el cargo pública para los propósitos de los inmigrantes

Lugares para obtener el desayuno y el almuerzo en Boston de gratis para todos los estudiantes de BPS.

Resources on COVID-19 from the Immigrant Justice Accompaniment Skill-Share Network

Hotline de los desalojos de emergencias: ingles (617) 934-5006 y español (617) 397-3773.



1)    Informação abrangente sobre COVID-19 em 57 línguas

2)    Informação da campanha do One Fair Wage sobre como ajudar os trabalhadores que recebem gratificação extra (gorjeta), e que são os que mais perdem com a crise na economia.

3)    Informação do nossos amigos em Advogados para Direitos Civiles sobre problemas relacionados a direitos e recursos à assistência médica, ao emprego, à imigração, ao seguro-alimentação, à carteira de motorista, e outros problemas.

4)    Boston COVID-19 carinho de comunidade que inclui como conseguir comida, apoio financeiro, habitação, etc. também como trabalhar voluntariamente ou contribuir para os esforços que estamos empreendendo (essa lista está sendo atualizada diariamente).

5)    Informação do USCIS sobre taxas públicas para serviços de imigração.

6)    Hotline de emergência para problemas com despejo: inglês (617) 934-5006 e espanhol (617) 397-3773

7)    Lugares para ter café da manhã e almoço grátis para qualquer estudante de BPS.

Securing Release from Immigration Detention in the Time of COVID-19

The BC Law Library has put together this helpful list of resources to consult when seeking release from immigration detention due to COVID-19

Immigration detention resources