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Sustainability for RAs

Resident Assistants have the ability to play a large role in how students are educated on and exposed to sustainability. Use the ideas below to help your residents live a green lifestyle in the residence halls and beyond.  


How to Educate Your Residents

Below are easy tips to encourage your residents to be more sustainable. A big part of these intiatives is changing your own habits as well. It takes effort to begin to live more sustainably, but it's part of our responsibilty to be men and women for others. Reducing your carbon footprint ensures that everyone can have access to a healthy, clean environment. 

  1. Follow the Office of Sustainability on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates about new sustainability events and intiatives, and encourage residents to do the same. 
  2. Get resident's dorms Green Certified. Get yours certified as well! Compete with other floors to get the most certificates.
  3. Print out posters from this Google Folder for your bulletin board that list the eco clubs and events on campus throughout the year.
  4. At floor meetings, engage students in conversations about sustainability, the environment, what BC is and isn't doing, and their opinions/suggestions.
  5. Watch out for competitions like Recyclemania in January and get your floor involved. 
  6. Promote BC Clean during move out.
If you've done all these things and are still looking for more ideas, contact We have plenty more available if needed.

Sustainable Floor Events

Getting your residents to develop greener habits can be as simple as incorporating some fun activiites into your floor meetings! Lead the way by making events zero-waste (where everything is recycled or composted).

  1. Decorate mugs to stress using reusable containers.
  2. Plant little plants or decorate plant containers.
  3. Make your own trail mix - using organic or environmentally conscious brands.
  4. Attend a sustainability event as a floor. (Harvestfest, film screening, Earth Day Fair, Night Market, etc)
  5. Outing to a sustainable restaurant (B.Good, by CHLOE., Clover)
  6. Clothing Swap - have residents swap clothes that they don't wear anymore.
  7. DIY simple face masks, lotion, scrubs, and hair masks - discussed on our personal health page. Find some recipes here or make up your own. 
  8. Make christmas ornaments out of plastic bottles. Instructions can be found near the middle of this article.