Facilities Management Staff

Under the leadership of Daniel Bourque, the Facilities Management division is proud to represent Boston College as stewards of the University's beautiful campus. Responsible for more than 7,400,000 square feet of space and 375 acres, we take seriously our role in planning and maintaining our portfolio and our commitment to exceptional service for all students, faculty and staff. 

Facilities Management Vice President's Office

NameWork PhoneEmail Address
Daniel Bourque
Vice President, Facilities Management
(617) 552-0302daniel.bourque@bc.edu
Nancy Clarke
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President
(617) 552-0302nancy.clarke@bc.edu

Business Service Center Staff

NameWork PhoneEmail Address
Richard Auer
Director, Business Service Center
(617) 552-2551richard.auer@bc.edu
David Atwereboanda
Financial Analyst
(617) 552-0313david.atwereboanda@bc.edu
Sebastian Coronado Durand
Financial Specialist
(617) 552-8146sebastian.coronado@bc.edu
Kate Heffernan
Manager, Business Service Center
(617) 552-0173kate.heffernan@bc.edu
Christine Laflamme
Manager, Human Resources
(617) 552-0325christine.laflamme@bc.edu
Linda Ransom
Administrative Assistant
(617) 552-0306linda.ransom@bc.edu
Sharon Wagner
Financial Analyst II
(617) 552-0316sharon.wagner@bc.edu

Capital Projects Management - Majors Team

NameWork PhoneEmail Address
Mary Nardone
Associate Vice President
(617) 552-0346mary.nardone@bc.edu
Matthew Emanuelson
Construction Project Manager
(617) 552-0331matthew.emanuelson@bc.edu
Glenn Hand
Clerk of the Works
(617) 552-0346glenn.hand@bc.edu
Jamie MacDonald
Construction Project Manager
(617) 552-1448jamie.macdonald@bc.edu
Gary Stein
Senior Construction Project Manager
(617) 552-0338gary.stein@bc.edu
Edward Stokes
Senior Construction Project Manager
(617) 552-6649edward.stokes@bc.edu

Capital Projects Management - Annuals Team

NameWork PhoneEmail Address
Kevin Ruby
Director, Annual Capital Projects
(617) 552-0301kevin.ruby@bc.edu
Michael Hayes
Associate Director, Annual Capital Projects
(617) 552-1150michael.hayes.4@bc.edu
Peter Bracciotti
Project Manager
(617) 552-9129peter.bracciotti@bc.edu
Christopher Curry
Senior Designer
(617) 552-0340christopher.curry@bc.edu
Cathlina Driver
Construction Project Manager
(617) 552-0347cathlina.driver@bc.edu
Joeseph Figueiredo
Project Manager
(617) 552-6571joseph.figueiredo@bc.edu
Mark Lewis
Senior Designer
(617) 552-0332mark.lewis.2@bc.edu
William Mackie
Construction Project Manager
(617) 552-0399william.mackie.2@bc.edu
John Page
Supervisor, Special Projects
(617) 552-4915john.page@bc.edu
Paul Scarnici
Construction Project Manager
(617) 552-0314paul.scarnici@bc.edu
Christopher Sermak
Construction Project Manager
(617) 552-1615christopher.sermak@bc.edu
Mark Soden
Construction Project Manager
(617) 552-8992mark.soden@bc.edu
Donald Woodring
Construction Project Manager
(617) 552-0330donald.woodring@bc.edu

Engineering & Energy Management Staff

NameWork PhoneEmail Address
Terence Leahy
(617) 552-0304terence.leahy@bc.edu
Robert Costa
Engineering Projects Manager
(617) 552-3550robert.costa@bc.edu
Daniel Diorio
Assistant Director, Engineering Services
(617) 552-8772dan.diorio@bc.edu
Jonathan Foss
Energy Manager
(617) 552-0339jonathan.foss@bc.edu
Scott Schipper
Assistant Supervisor, Central Heating Plant & Energy Management
(617) 552-3394scott.schipper@bc.edu
Joseph Stefanini
Engineering Project Manager
(617) 552-6750joseph.stefanini@bc.edu

Facilities Management Information Systems Staff

NameWork PhoneEmail Address
Lynn Berkley
Director, Facilities Planning & Information Systems
(617) 552-8763lynn.berkley@bc.edu
Stephen Dejute
Facilities Systems Analyst
(617) 552-0856stephen.dejute@bc.edu
Kevin Hess
Facilities Systems Analyst
(617) 552-8643kevin.hess@bc.edu
Steven Lettau
Senior Facilities Systems Analyst
(617) 552-8721steven.lettau@bc.edu
Pedro Martins
Associate Facilities Device Specialist
(617) 552-4069pedro.martins@bc.edu


Facilities Services

NameWork Phone Email Address
Robert Avalle
Associate Vice President
(617) 552-6022robert.avalle@bc.edu

Custodial Services

NameWork PhoneEmail Address
Kenneth Campbell
Director, Custodial Services
(617) 552-4705kenneth.campbell@bc.edu
Kenneth Coleman
Assistant Manager, Academics, Custodial Services
(617) 552-4706kenneth.coleman@bc.edu
Paul Eastman
Supervisor, Residence Halls, Custodial Services
(617) 552-3236paul.eastman@bc.edu
Filipe Martins
Associate Director, Custodial Services
(617) 552-0310filipe.martins@bc.edu
Ricardo Martins
Assistant Manager, 3rd Shift, Custodial Services
(617) 552-0317ricardo.martins@bc.edu
Ana Pacheco
Supervisor, 3nd Shift, Custodial Services
(617) 552-4706ana.pacheco@bc.edu
Arturo Ramos
Assistant Manager, 2nd Shift, Custodial Services
(617) 552-0317arturo.ramos@bc.edu
John Savvidis
Supervisor, 3nd Shift, Custodial Services
(617) 552-0317john.savvidis@bc.edu

Landscape Services, Athletic Maintenance & Support Operations

NameWork PhoneEmail Address
Charles Baldwin
Supervisor, Landscape Services
(617) 552-4775charles.baldwin@bc.edu
Regina Bellavia
Director, Landscape Services, Athletic Maintenance & Support Operations
(617) 552-0309gina.bellavia@bc.edu
Michael Collins
Supervisor, Landscape Services
(617) 552-0328michael.collins.10@bc.edu
John Driscoll
Manager, Athletic Facilities Maintenance
(617) 552-3030john.driscoll.9@bc.edu
Matthew Hayes
Associate Director, Athletic Facilities Maintenance
(617) 552-3030matt.hayes@bc.edu
Scott McCoy
Associate Director, Landscape Services
(617) 552-1523scott.mccoy@bc.edu
Darryl Ribao
Facilities Supervisor, Weston
(617) 552-0317darryl.ribao@bc.edu
Thomas Walsh
Associate Director, Support Services & University
(617) 552-0137thomas.walsh.5@bc.edu

Mail Services

NameWork PhoneEmail Address
Dennis McCarron
Manager, Mail & Package Services
(617) 552-3993dennis.mccarron@bc.edu
Lorena Moynihan
Assistant Manager, Mail & Package Services
(617) 552-2368lorena.moynihan@bc.edu


NameWork PhoneEmail Address
Bruce Dixon
Manager, Sustainability Programs
(617) 552-3738bruce.dixon@bc.edu

Trades Services

NameWork PhoneEmail Address
John Connell
Director, Trades Services
(617) 552-9293john.connell.3@bc.edu
Joseph Figueiredo
Supervisor, Lock, Paint, & Emergency Remediation
(617) 552-6571joseph.figueiredo@bc.edu
Kenneth Howland
Associate Director, Trades Services
(617) 552-3426kenneth.howland@bc.edu
Richard Hoy
Facilities Manager, Science Zone
(617) 552-6979richard.hoy@bc.edu
Rita Lavoie
Supervisor, Evening Operations
(617) 552-0791rita.lavoie@bc.edu
John Leonard
Supervisor, Plumbing Operations
(617) 552-1510john.leonard@bc.edu
Thomas MacDonald
Supervisor, Evening Operations
(617) 552-4265thomas.macdonald@bc.edu
Michael MacLean
Supervisor, HVAC & Controls Operations
(617) 552-1254michael.maclean@bc.edu
Francisco Martins
Manager, Facilities Services Project Management
(617) 552-3024frank.martins@bc.edu
David Simmons
Supervisor, Electrical Operations
(617) 552-3051david.simmons@bc.edu
David Sullivan
Supervisor, Carpentry Operations
(617) 552-3050david.sullivan.6@bc.edu

Work Order Center

NameWork PhoneEmail Address
Katherine Doyle
Manager, Work Order Center
(617) 552-3048doylekv@bc.edu