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Community Resources

“every generation needs a new revolution.” —thomas jefferson, third president of the united states

Recycling bins

Boston College believes sustainability should be a lifestyle of environmental awareness, and encourages all to incorporate sustainability habits into their daily life. A number of BC students live off campus, and many faculty and staff live within the Boston region. Below are resources for those wishing to support sustainability beyond campus within their local communities.

Massachusetts Communities



Information related to finding your trash and recycling collection days, services for yard waste collection, household hazardous waste drop-offs, paint and motor oil drop off, composting, regulations and guidelines for recycling and trash collections, and other frequently asked questions.

A pond in Brookline


Information connected to recycling services, solid waste collection, hazardous waste, composting, sustainability activities for children in addition to a Sustainability Inventory Report.

Other Massachusetts Communities

If you live in Massachusetts beyond the Boston region, please refer to the Commonwealth Communities web site for an alphabetical listing of Massachusetts towns and cities, with links to related state agencies and how you can live sustainably in your community.

If you are a student living off campus, see what information UGBC has on its Off-Campus Housing page.


Local Communities

Please follow the links below for supplementary sustainability opportunities in your community.

Farmers' Markets

Federation of Massachusetts Farmers' Markets
Department of Agriculture

Alternative Transportation: Walking and Biking Efforts and Opportunities

LivableStreets Alliance


Massachusetts' Sustainability Efforts

While you practice healthy environmental habits in your community, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and various state-wide organizations are also hard at work ensuring a livable environment for future generations. Follow the links below to learn more about these activities and see how you (as an individual, business, non-profit, or community) can become more involved in the wider sustainability effort.

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs
Alternatives for Community & Environment
Clean Water Action