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“to survive in the world we have transformed, we must learn to think in a new way. as never before, the future of each depends on the good of all.” —nobel statement, december 2001



Students at Boston College have increased awareness of environmental issues, the impacts that climate change has on the environment, and the responsibility that we have to address the growing threat these changes have on our planet and fellow human beings. Some programs run by students focus primarily on sustainable living which also encompasses a range of environmental issues. The following groups have programs in which students can participate and be more actively engaged.

ecopledge logo

EcoPledge is BC's largest student-run environmental club that works toward making Boston College a more sustainable campus. EcoPledge educates the BC community about environmental issues by showing films, presenting lectures, and hosting annual celebratory events like Harvestfest and Earth Day.

EcoPledge members often go beyond the campus, participating in local community clean-ups, national environmental conferences, and hiking and camping outings throughout New England. The group pledges to collaborate with faculty, staff, and fellow students in campaigning for a more sustainable Boston College campus.

Through the leadership of EcoPledge members, Boston College has participated annually in RecycleMania, a national intercollegiate recycling competition, and the NRG Games Contest, an energy conservation contest. EcoPledge also runs campus-wide campaigns to promote water and energy conservation, and an increase in commingled plastic, paper, and food waste recycling.

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BC Real Food

Real Food BC is a student group on campus that strives for the establishment of a more sustainable food system. It was started as a part of the nationwide Real Food Challenge.

The goal of Real Food BC is to promote the purchasing of food from local, green, humane sources in order to support localized food production and to reduce carbon emissions that result from long-distance food shipments. BC Dining Services have already taken the initial steps towards more sustainable food procurement, and our group wants to help them take greater strides. In collaboration with Real Food BC, BC Dining created Addie's Loft, an organic eatery that offers food from local, sustainable sources. Located on the second floor of Corcoran Commons (Lower), Addie's offers delicious artisan fare, and its walls display photos and posters that provide insight into the sustainable food system.

Real Food BC also started an organic garden for the entire BC community, located on the brighton campus. For more information, visit our Nature page and check out our Facebook.


CJBC aims to educate about the dangers of climate change and how students can be agents for change; unite with local and national climate activists to strengthen social support for climate justice; and to engage the BC community about activism, including fossil fuel divestment.

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girl talking at conference about improving sustainability efforts

The Undergraduate Government of Boston College works individually and in conjunction with environmental clubs on campus to create a greener BC. Their Environmental Caucus is the division dedicated to sustianabiltiy and they often work with the higher administration to make green changes.

Check out their website for more information.

RHA logo of gasson

Eco Reps are first year students and members of the Residence Hall Council. They support the campus sustainability efforts by helping build awareness and concern for the environment within the residence halls. This is done through leading and promoting actionable steps to encourage fellow students to reduce BC’s carbon footprint and accept a greater personal responsibility for sustainable behaviors.  They partner with other sustainability-focused peers to implement creative sustainable initiatives in the residence halls and on campus.

The Eco Rep Program is administered through the Residence Hall Association (RHA) within the Boston College Office of Residential Life, and also partners with the BC Sustainability Office.

Students apply during the first semester of their freshman year. 

In keeping with BC's tradition of young men and women engaging in the service of others, Boston College charity: water is an initiative started by students whose goal is to bring awareness of the global water crisis while raising money to support charity: water campaigns. In the mere couple of years since its inception, BC charity: water has been able to raise thousands of dollars and fund the development of a drilling rig and wells in two different villages. 

Check out their website and Facebook!

students packing food

Every Bite Counts is a student volunteer group that donates food to over 40 nonprofits in the Greater Boston Area.

Students separate, package, and weigh extra dining hall food Sunday to Thursday nights and then coordinates pick up time with Loving Spoonfuls which then delivers the food to homeless shelters, soup kitchens, food pantries and other community centers and programs in Boston. What started out as a simple question: “What happens to all the extra food in the university’s dining halls at the end of the night?” has now turned into an operation of over 40 students working in two of the major dining units on campus with the hopes of incorporating a third.

Find out more information here

outdoor club logo: tent in the desert

The student run Outdoor Club organizes trips for BC students to get outside and enjoy the environment! Trips include hiking, climbing, kayaking, white water rafting, and skiing. 

For more info, visit their website or like them on FaceBook!

Run by the Residence Hall Association, this living and learning community educates students on sustainablity and encourages them to be active members in their community. Students apply at the end of their Freshman year and live on the sustainability floor during their sophomore year. Visit the RHA website for more details and information about applying. 

Establshed in 2014, Athletics, Facilities Services and the Office of Sustainability have partnered to make “The Greening Eagles”  Game Day Ambassador program to support our ongoing recycling efforts and to achieve our goal.

Game Day Ambassadors welcome fans to BC at selected sites and offer information on game day activities and respond to recycling questions. 

Many tailgating fans have been responding positively and have been contributing to improve BC's recycling.

We want to give a shout out to our 2016 football season game day ambassadors who worked hard and helped us achieve an average 40% recycling rate! At the last game for the ambassadors, on November 5th, we hit a milestone in recycling.  We achieved a 57%recycling/diversion rate - our highest percentage of any game. In the tailgate numbers, there was 2.66 tons of trash and 5.58 tons of recycling which got us to a 68% rate!  

You may sign up to be a Game Day Ambassador at the beginning of the fall semester, and can volunteer for as many games as you would like. If you are interested in becoming a game day ambassador, please contact The Office of Sustainability, or email

girl rock climbing

Run by Campus Recreation, Boston College offers students the opportunity to experience nature through day and weekend long trips. Trips include rock climbing, hiking trips (single and multi-day), sea kayaking, paddleboarding, backpacking, and a variety of clinics/classes. 

For a more detailed list of excusrions and information, visit their homepage