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Check out what BC is doing to become more sustainable and keep up to date with our sustainability newsletter.

Boston College places first in Recyclemania! 

RecycleMania is a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for college and university recycling programs to promote waste reduction activities to their campus communities. The awards are organized by the four Carnegie Classifications which include Title IV eligible, degree-granting colleges and universities in the United States. Schools are organized by their characteristics of size, degree length, and residence. Through our campus’ efforts over the 8-week competition period this spring, Boston College placed first amongst four-year, large, residential universities for per-capita waste, calculated as waste quantity per person. Our successfuls efforts and initiatives we hope to continue throughout the year and only look to improve our results in the future!

April 20th 2018: The Earth Day Fair

Boston College's Earth Day Fair continues on this year on Stokes Lawn from 10am-2pm on April 20th. The fair comes at the end of Earth Week, an entire week of sustainable activities hosted by EcoPledge, in recognition of national Earth Day on the 22nd April. The Office of Sustainability will be handing out free water bottles, cup warmers and guides and bookmarks to living sustainably on campus. The office will also be using this opportunity to hand out tree seedlings in recognition of Arbor Day. This observance is part of our goal to become a Tree Campus USA, an award for those who care about trees on their campuses. We hope to see you all there, and have a good Earth Day! 

March 2018: RecycleMania

Boston College participates again in the annual, 8-week long, RecycleMania comeptition. The aim is to lower the amount of trash waste we produce, and increase the amount of recycled waste we produce, which are measured every week. In 2016, we came 97th out of 207 schools. In 2017, we came 67th out of 190 schools. This is a campus wide event, so everybody’s participation matters! Results are posted on the facebook page weekly.

December 2017: BC Sustainability Office Welcomes Jillian Pruner as a New Intern

Jillian Pruner is our latest addition to the Boston College sustainability interns! Jillian a freshmen here at BC in the Caroll School of Management, and she is studying Management in addition Managing for Social Impact. Jillian runs her own business that she started when she was 13! She makes handmade jewlery out of real, pressed flowers, and glass. Last year Jillian donated 25% of her profits from her business to charity! 

At BC, Jillian is involved in EcoPledge and Emerging Leaders Program, and Conversations about Social and Environmental (CASE) Impact, which is a brand new club on campus focusing on social and environmental issues. When Jillian is not taking part in extracurriculars or studying for her classes, she enjoys hiking and spending with her family and dogs. We are excited to have you join our team, Jillian!

December 2017: BC Sustainability Office Welcomes our Newest intern, Megan Luff

Megan Luff is our latest addition to the team of sustainability interns here at BC! Megan is a sophomore majoring in environmental geoscience. She is from London, and is involved in Real Food BC. Megan is very passionate about environmental and sustainability issues. When not in the classroom, you can find Megan hiking, volunteering in Boston with organizations such as Big Sister or Samaritans, or participing in WeRunBC, Boston College's running club. Welcome to the team, Megan!

November 2017: Honey from the hive!

This past October, beekeepers from Best Bees collected the honey from our beehive on Fulton Hall from this past season. We now have over 15 jars of Boston College harvested honey!

jars of honey collected and processed from the beehive on top of Fulton Hall
15 jars of honey were collected and processed from the beehive on top of Fulton Hall.
beehive on fulton roof

October 2017: The BC Beehive

Boston College is home to a honey bee hive! Located on the roof of Fulton, the beehive is growing in size each month. The bees help pollinate BCs campus and hope to prevent a major population decline. The hive is maintainted by beekeepers from Best Bees, a company that raises funds for research on bee health. By maintaining thousands of hives in MA and beyond, their mission is to increase the honey bee population while creating a healthier and safer environment for them. With the current decline in bee populations around the world due to pesticides, parasites, and climate change, it's important to help as many bee populations thrive as possible. Without them, we are losing and will continue to lose a variety of the worlds flora, including large amounts of crops essential to feeding our large population. 

beehive on fulton roof

June 2017: Farewell Bob Pion, We Will Miss You

Bob Pion, director of sustainability, will retire this year after a career of over 30 years at Boston College. During his time at BC, Pion has been instrumental in launching several initiatives to promote sustainability on campus and has positively impacted the lives of everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting him. He will be greatly missed here at BC!

2017: Thomas More Apartments Equiped with Greywater System

Not only is BC's newest dorm building eye catchingly bright, modern, and beautiful, it is also LEED silver certified. As a part of BC's commitment to reduce its footprint, the dorm and communal meeting space is a leader in sustainability, water conservation, energy consumption, sustainable building materials, and high indoor environmental quality. It also boasts a greywater system, which recycles water from showers and sinks to flush toilets. 



Boston's Sustainable Restaurants

Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to find healthier, most sustainable dining options in Boston? We've got you covered. Below are some of the most popular and delcious places to eat in Boston without draining your wallet. They all have lots of vegetarian and vegan options, since cutting down your meat consumption is great for our environment! For even more restaurants, check out REAL Certified.


picture of salad and vegan hot dog from by chloe

by CHLOE. 

With locations in Fenway and Seaport District, by CHLOE. is a popular vegan restaurant that serves plant based burgers, meatballs, mac and cheese, pancakes, and more. They source lots of their ingredients locally, use eco-friendly packaging, and stress water conservation. If you visit the fenway location, you'll also be able to sit in their swinging chairs!

image courtesy of Boston Magazine

The Clover Food Lab

Clover is a 'fast food' restaurant that serves fresh food with simple ingredients, most of which are made from scratch every day. Items include a falafel pita, overnight oats, rosemary french fries, and a BBQ Seitan sandwhich. They bake their own pita, make their own nut milk, squeeze their own orange juice, and more. They also work with MA farms to buy in-season, locally sourced produce, lots of which is organic. This cuts down on transportation and water use. Clover has a few locations and food trucks around Boston. The closest to BC is in Brookline, a 5 minute walk from the Brookline Village T stop. 

image courtesy of


This juice bar serves vegan juices, smoothies, breakfast, and lunch without fillers or additives. They source locally, unprocessed, and organically whenever possible, cutting down on pollution from transportation, presticide use, and chemicals in food. They are located in City Hall Plaza. 

image courtesy of Boston Magazine

Myers and Chang

Myers and Chang puts a fresh, locally-sourced spin on chinese, vietnamese, taiwanese, and thai food. There are a variety of vegetarian and gluten free options. 

image courtesy of


b.good is a restaurant that sells fast, healthy, delicious house-made meals like avocado veggie bowls, seasonal salads, and burgers and fries. They source locally and seasonally when possible. On their website, you can find out exactly where your food came from and meet the farmers behind it. They have a variety of locations all across Boston. 

image courtesy of Life Alive

Life Alive

Life Alive's mission is to create food that is healthy, organic, and therapeutic. They seek out local, organic ingredients free from chemicals, pesticides, additives, and sweeteners. Their menu includes smoothies, grilled wraps, salad, and fusion dishes. 



Track Your Dorm's Energy Usage

Ever wondered how much energy BC uses and if your efforts to be greener are making a difference? Check out BC's Lucid Dashboard to see how much energy each dorm is currently using. See how yours compares to others, as well as academic buildings on campus. Making the BC community more aware of how much power we use is crucial to reducing it. 


Electric Vehicle Charging Station

As a part of Boston College’s mission to become a more sustainable campus, an electric vehicle charging station is available for use in the Commonwealth Avenue Parking Garage. The station is located on the second floor on the back wall, towards the left corner. There are two spots available. To check availability and find other charging stations near campus, download the ChargePoint App. ChargePoint helps you locate charging stations, check spot availability, check your charging status, and more.

car charging station


BC Clean 2017 Results

Since 2005, Boston College has received thousands of donations from students during end of the year moveout. Check out the results from the most recent years below. If you'd like to know more about this program, check it out on our website under the Spring Semester tab or contact

Organization 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
HG (Household Goods ) 5650 Items 5835 Items 5640 items 5875 Items 6234 items 3649 Items 2645 Items
SVdeP (St. Vincent de Paul)              
Clothing 12.8 tons 9.69 tons 8.0 tons 8.1 tons 5.5 tons 13.6 tons 7.1 tons
(25,626 lbs) (19,380 lbs) (16,000 lbs) (16,200 lbs) (10,950 lbs) (27,319 lbs) (14,200 lbs)
Refrigerators 231 items 157 items 132 items 142 items 107 items    
Food 2.3 tons .91 tons 1.2 tons 1.5 tons 0.9 tons 0.9 tons 0.6 tons
  (4,641 lbs) (1,810 lbs) (2,400 lbs) (3,000 lbs) (1,760 lbs) (1,600 lbs) (1100 lbs)
More than Words 7800 books 3700 books 4800 books 6200 books 5000 books 1700 books no data