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Annual Events

Check out BC's annual event that promote sustainability and celebrate the environment!



Why wait until April to have Earth Day? For the past few years EcoPledge, the Undergraduate Government of Boston College, SustainBC, Real Food BC, and other organizations have hosted a fall version of Earth Day to further raise awareness on campus of the importance of conservation.

Harvest Fest includes pumpkin painting, food from local restaurants and vendors, a recycling challenge, petting zoo, make-your-own sustainable products (like face masks and candles), and contributing ideas for a "what it means to be green" banner.


Earth Day is an annual event held at Boston College to celebrate the national holiday and create awareness about environmental issues on campus. There are tables with information on pressing issues such as recycling, energy conservation, vegetarianism, pollution, and waste.


baldwin holding a "#my ecopledge" sign

Green Week is a week long series of fairs and events to celebrate the Earth and educate students on how to protect it. Events vary each year and are hosted by EcoPledge, while a variety of other clubs participate. In 2017, it included an Earth Day trivia night, an art fair, and a variety of film screenings and lectures.  

During Green Week, EcoPledge hosts a Night Market to celebrate the union of all people and cultures to protect our Earth. It features music, food, and games from a variety of culture and sustainability clubs.

recyclemania logo

RecycleMania is a ten-week contest that challenges colleges and universities across America to promote waste reduction on their campuses.

Boston College has been involved with RecycleMaina since 2005. Check out the RecycleMania website for more competition information and results.

bc clean

BC Clean is a campus sustainability iniative seeking to limit waste during end of the semester moveout. Students donated unwanted items like clothes, books, and mini refridgerators. Check out the results of our 2017 collection. If you would like to volunteer with 2017 BC Clean efforts contact the Office of Sustainabiltiy at

Check out more information on BC Clean's website or in the BC News. 

The campus-wide Energy Games, running throughout the month of February, encourage each hall to compete to conserve the most energy. Significant energy reductions have been witnessed during this time period, illustrating that students can do their part to help the environment simply by turning off some lights, taking a shorter shower, or lowering the heat.

For more energy-saving tips, including things you can do in your dorm, see the Conserving Energy page in our What You Can Do section.

Overall, Boston College residence halls has saved 44,139 killowatt hours of energy. This is the same as:

  • Saving 63,118 lbs of carbon dioxide from being released into our atmosphere
  • Taking 67 cars off of the road for one month
  • Planting 9 acres of forest, which absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen

The Sustainability Fair gives Boston College students, faculty and staff an insight into what Boston College is doing to be green. Participating groups have displays highlighting their sustainable practices. A free water bottle and other items are given away. Healthy and sustainable snack options are also provided.

During student orientation sessions, parents have the opportunity to browse different BC offices and departments. Stop by The Office Of Sustainability's table to get free magnets, stickers, bookmarks, and information about what BC is doing to be green.


2017 Orientation Session Parent Fairs:

Tuesdays of orientation sessions, 1-2:30PM