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Teaching Sustainability

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Use these resources to help put a theme of sustainability into your teaching.


Teaching Tips

Green Course Checklist

Use this list to help you and your class "go green."

Teaching sustainability tips and a few resources

Here are 20 tips for integrating sustainability into your course, ranging from using optimistic images and examples to ideas for connecting students with action on BC’s campus.

Tips for avoiding everyday toxins

Useful links for finding products for your home, body and pet that don’t contain substances that are suspected, and in some cases demonstrated, endocrine disruptors.  Remember: start small and focus on changing just a few things initially.




Sustainability Education Framework

This document outlines a framework to assist in integrating sustainability across the curriculum in higher education. It attempts to articulate a clear vision for sustainability education that is specific enough to help newcomers to the field while being open enough to include multiple perspectives and approaches.  This framework was developed by the AASHE Curriculum Working Group: John Farnsworth (Santa Clara University), Jon Jensen (Luther College), Laura Lengnick (Warren Wilson College), Jean MacGregor (Evergreen State University), Dan Sherman (University of Puget Sound), Jim Zaffiro (Central College) 

Second Nature Sustainability Curriculum Framework

This different framework, developed by Second Nature, outlines critical sustainability themes to integrate into your curriculum.  Each theme, followed by specific examples, emphasizes one key aspect of Second Nature's vision of sustainability. This tool is designed to simplify the complex process of incorporating sustainability content into higher education curricula. By breaking down sustainability into its essential (but inseparable) components, the framework provides content to guide each educators unique teaching process.