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Green 2Go Containers

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About Green2Go

60% of the meals BC Dining serves are to-go – students value the convenience of taking their meal to the library, their dorm, or their next activity. However, in the 2017-2018 school year, 2.63 million disposable plates, bowls and containers were tossed in the garbage. We saw the need to give our on-the-go students and customers a more eco-friendly option when taking their food out. In the Fall of 2018, BC Dining launched a small reusable to-go pilot program called Green2Go in Stuart Dining Hall on Newton Campus. Now, we are so thrilled to expand this program to Addie’s and Corcoran Commons!


How it Works

Interested in being and eating green with us? Students, faculty or staff can buy into the program for a one-time fee of $9.00. This covers the cost of the containers and the maintenance that goes into the project. Ask for your hot food to be served in a Green2Go container, or fill it up yourself at the salad bar. Feel free to bring the BPA free, microwavable safe, and 50% recycled plastic containers anywhere with you. When you’re done, remove the food from the containers, but don’t worry about cleaning it. Drop it off dirty back to Corcoran/Lower Dining Hall, and receive a Green2Go carabiner in return, which acts as a token to show that you are part of the program. Next time you want to take out a G2G container, bring your carabiner with you, and exchange it to the cashier for your G2G box. As long as you have your carabiner with you, you can use the program as many times as you’d like!




Do I need to return my old Green2Go box before I can take out a new one? 

Yes. It’s important to return your used container so that other students can use the program too. Once you return your used container, you will get a G2G carabiner in exchange. When you take out your next container, give the cashier your G2G carabiner instead of buying into the program again. 


Can I take out more than one G2G container at a time before returning them? 

The only way you can take out more than one G2G container before returning them is to buy into the program twice. Once you return both containers, who will have two carabiners, and can use them as often as you like. 


What if I forget my Green2Go carabiner? 

If you do take out a Green2Go container without having your G2G carabiner on you, you will be charged $9.00 again. However, you will then have two G2G carabiners and be able to take out two containers before returning them. Or, you can give one carabiner to a friend!


What if I lose my G2G carabiner or container?

If you lose either the carabiner or a container, you will need to buy into the program again for $9.00. Email if this is a problem for you. 

Need help? Have suggestions?
We’re happy to hear from you! Email for questions, concerns, or feedback on the program.