BC Dining is committed to ensuring access to balanced, nutritious, and delicious meals. Whether you are an omnivore or are vegan/vegetarian, we have a variety of food options in our campus eateries that include local, sustainable foods. We also provide services to help you meet your nutritional needs, like nutritional counseling and meal accommodations for students with food allergies, celiac disease, or other medical nutritional needs. 

Balanced Eating

Variety, moderation, and adequacy are all necessary for balanced eating.

Enjoyment and satisfaction during eating are important.

A balanced eating pattern contains foods from all food groups, with no emphasis placed on one food group over others. The benefits of a balanced eating pattern include ensuring adequate energy and nutrients for daily needs while fostering longterm health and disease prevention.

Balanced eating is achievable at any weight. Being in a larger body does not mean someone is unhealthy or overeats. In fact, nearly half of people who are in the “overweight” category of the Body Mass Index (BMI) are metabolically healthy, and about 30 percent of “normal” weight individuals are not. The belief that BMI is a proxy for health contributes to weight stigma.

Nutrition Analysis

Access nutritional analysis information and ingredients listings through the online menus for each dining hall. 

Nutrition Counseling

Dining Services offers consultations with nutritionist, Kate Sweeney, MS, RD, LDN, on a variety of topics—including healthy eating, vegan/vegetarian eating, food allergies, and health concerns like gastrointestinal issues, diabetes, disordered eating, and more. 

Kate Sweeney

Kate Sweeney, MS, RD, LDN