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Eco-Friendly Initiatives & Energy Efficiency

bc dining sustainability

An important component of BC Dining sustainability is improving water and energy efficiency and minimizing food waste. The following programs have been implemented through BC Dining in collaboration with several student groups to promote a more environmentally-aware BC community.

Farmer's Market
  • Every Thursday in September to late October from 3pm – 6pm students can purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, pastries, and other local products from the Farmers’ Market located outside of Corcoran Commons. 
  • Students can save money and reduce waste with BC Dining’s Reusable Mug Discount Program. Bring any sized reusable mug or bottle to all self serve stations at our dining halls and only pay for a small sized beverage for all fountain drinks, coffee, and tea products. All dining locations have filtered water spigots to refill reusable water bottles.
  • All dining locations offer reusable china and silverware for students eating on campus. These products are washed and sanitized after each use and help reduce the amount of disposable paper products discarded at BC.   
  • BC Dining considers its energy impact and is dedicated to reducing water and energy consumption. BC Dining actively researches technologies to increase efficiency when replacing foodservice equipment and purchases Energy Star or equivalently rated equipment whenever feasible.
picture of plates

If you have dining hall plates in your dorm, you can return them to the plate drop off area at your dining hall.  The Environmental Eagle describes the plate recovery campaign.  The "environmentalist spotlight" features the General Manager of Corcoran, Derrick Cripps, and his quest to lead sustainability efforts.


Sustainable Dining



  • The Loft at Addie's 
    • In collaboration with Real Food BC, BC Dining created Addie’s Loft, an eatery that offers food from local, sustainable sources. Located on the second floor of Corcoran Commons (Lower), Addie’s offers delicious artisan fare, and its walls display photos and posters that provide insight into the sustainable food system.
    • Enjoy delicious salads, soups, and personal pizzas all sourced with local ingredients!
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Options 
    • B'n Green: Completely vegetarian station with several vegan options
    • Salad Bar: Stocked with vegetarian proteins such as hummus, tofu, and beans
    • Grab 'n Go Cases: stocked with vegetarian options such as meatless sandwiches, salads, and vegan macro meals
    • Grain Bar: Enjoy a selection of grains and vegetables that are both healthy and delicious, including couscous, mixed rice, ginger slaw, assorted sautéed vegetables, and more!