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Optional Dining Bucks

Dining Bucks Chart

Suggested for those planning to eat on campus at least once a day. The Optional Dining Bucks Plan is accepted at all things dining on campus (see chart) and provides a 10% discount at the register*. These Dining Bucks will roll over year to year and are refundable after graduation.

In addition to on-campus dining locations to choose from almost 24 hours a day, The Optional Dining Bucks provide:

  • Flexibility to choose the amount of funds you add to your account at any time (a minimum of $20.00 can be added)
  • 10% point of sale discount every day on purchases made at qualifying on-campus dining locations (see chart for locations)


Any balance remaining at the end of the academic year will roll over to the next academic year. Upon graduation, if your balance is over $5, a 100% refund will be applied to your student account. Students, faculty, and staff may request a refund at any time.