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Optional Dining Accounts

BC Dining offers optional dining accounts to pay for meals on campus, late-night snacks, grocery staples, or coffee between classes. These accounts can also supplement the Mandatory Dining Plan if you need additional funds.

Students can enroll in Flex Dining and have the cost of the plan added to their student account between June 13–July 16 for 2019-2020 academic year. Students may enroll and charge the cost of the plan to a credit card at any time. Check out how to charge the cost of the plan to your credit card.

The Flex Dining Plan can be used at any campus dining location and give you extra spending power through bonus dollars. These declining balance accounts are maintained through your Eagle-One Card, and outstanding balances roll over to the next academic year—or are refunded after graduation.

Suggested for faculty and staff planning to eat on campus, Dining Dollars are declining balance accounts and maintained through your Eagle-One Card.

Optional Eagle Bucks can be used at any campus dining facility and select area eateries. Eagle Bucks can also be used at some on- and off-campus retail services select area restaurants.

Learn more about where the various accounts are accepted.

What's included in each option?

Flex Dining Plans
Dining Dollars
Optional Eagle Bucks

Apartment-style residence halls:

  • Thomas More Apartments
  • Gabelli
  • Ignacio
  • Modulars
  • Rubenstein
  • Voute
  • 2000 Commonwealth Ave
flex plan locations