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Mandatory Meal Plan

All first-year students and other students living in the residence halls without a kitchen are required to purchase a Mandatory Meal Plan. Students have 32 academic weeks starting in late August to use their Mandatory Meal Plan funds; funds leftover from the fall semester will carry over to the spring semester but any remaining funds at the end of the year will be forfeited. There are no exceptions to this policy. Your Mandatory Meal Plan will be active until 8:00 p.m. on Commencement Day.

Pricing for 2018-2019 School Year*  

Mandatory Meal Plan            $ 2534 (non-refundable after the end of the academic year)
Mandatory Dining Bucks       $    175 (remaining balance will roll over to next academic year)
Total Semester Cost            $ 2,709

*Pricing subject to change


Where Your Mandatory Meal Plan Is Accepted    

Mandatory Meal Plan funds can be used from open to close at the following main dining locations:                  

  • Lower Live @ Corcoran Commons ("Lower")
  • 2nd Floor Addie's @ Corcoran Commons 
  • Stuart Hall on Newton Campus
  • Lyons Hall ("The Ratt")
  • Carney Dining Room @ McElroy Commons ("Mac")
  • Eagle's Nest @ McElroy Commons ("Eagle's")
  • café 129 on Brighton Campus
  • Farmer's Market on Corcoran Plaza (seasonal)
  • Meatball Obsession @ The Shack (seasonal)

Where Your Dining Bucks are Accepted

In addition to the Mandatory Meal Plan, students receive Mandatory Dining Bucks that can be used at any of the popular spots listed below. If Dining Bucks remain at the end of the academic year, they will roll over every year until they are used; otherwise, they will be refunded upon graduation if the balance is greater than $5.

  • Hillside Cafe
  • The Chocolate Bar
  • Concessions @ Conte Forum/Alumni Stadium
  • The Bean Counter @ Fulton Hall
  • On The Fly Mini Marts
  • Vending Machines


Flex Dining Plans (optional supplement)

While the Mandatory Meal Plan meets most students' needs, BC Dining offers optional Flex Dining Plans that frequent diners can use to supplement the Mandatory Plan. You can also use these funds for late-night snacks, grocery staples at our minimarts, or coffee between classes. The Flex Plans can be used at any campus dining location and give you extra spending power through bonus dollars and discounts. These declining balance accounts are maintained through your Eagle-One Card, and outstanding balances roll over to the next academic year—or are refunded after graduation.



Related Information

Why We Need a Mandatory Meal Plan

  • We do not receive funding from tuition dollars.
  • Our dining program is sustained solely by a budget funded 100% from meal plan revenue, with Mandatory Dining Bucks being the largest contributor.
  • We operate like a business as a service to the University and pay for rent, utilities, food, and labor and benefit costs while being charged with a break-even bottom line.
  • We provide high quality food products, and cater to individuals' dietary needs. 
  • All members of our dining staff are employed by Boston College.
  • BC Dining employees receive benefits equivalent to that of BC faculty and staff.
  • BC Dining employees earn fair, competitive wages.
  • Benefitted employees have a guaranteed work week and can count on a consistent paycheck even during slower weeks.


meal plan comparison
a la carte v traditional meals


We encourage students with medical or dietary restrictions to contact BC Dining for accommodations and tips on how to navigate through the dining halls:

Visit our Nutrition page for more information on special diets including accommodations for allergen-free, vegetarian and vegan diets.

Residence Halls that Require a Mandatory Meal Plan

The following dorms do not have kitchen facilities and therefore are required to have a Mandatory Meal Plan:

Upper Campus

  • Cheverus
  • Claver
  • Fenwick
  • Fitzpatrick
  • Gonzaga
  • Kostka
  • Loyola
  • Medeiros
  • Shaw
  • Xavier

College Road

  • Roncalli
  • Welch
  • Williams

Newton Campus

  • Cushing
  • Duchesne
  • Hardey
  • Keyes

Lower Campus

  • Vanderslice Hall
  • 90 St. Thomas More Drive
  • Stayer Hall
  • 66 Commonwealth Avenue
  • Walsh Hall
  • Greycliff